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Goonswarm Harpyfleet infographic

Courtesy of Collapse Suddenly.

13 : access Eve via email is a service that allows you to input your API key then receive emails whenever you get an email. Replies you send won’t go back into the evemail system (although there’s the option to pre-fill the message on EveGate and do it yourself)

What’s interesting is that you also get an account on itself, which allows you access to corp- and alliance-restricted jabber channels. If your corp doesn’t already have this set up, it’s a really useful thing.


The State of The Heath, 2013-11-21

A lot has changed since last month. Then again, a lot changed in that month too. Maybe there’s a pattern.

EoN is much reduced even from last month, dropping to a tiny 2.9% territorial control. Dark Legion has picked up a couple districts, and it looks like the South American corps have formed the Amenaza Inminente alliance. Nice one, guys. S.A.L.U.K.I. have increased their control from 1.2 to 2%, but they’re in the same time zone as the Southern Legion, whose increase from 3.6 to 4.9% indicates there’s stiff competition for districts with Oceanic-friendly timers.

Proficiency V has a solid 23% control, losing Nyain San but picking up 0uter.Heaven and Valor Coalition as rumoured last month. The ‘no alliance’ corp share has more than halved this month, with the gains of What The French and arrival of  Dem Durrty Boys far outmatched by the loss of OH, AE and Anon. Unkn0wn Killers, a pet of  A.N.O.N.Y.M.O.U.S, has also picked up a few territories on the back of ringers from Renegade Alliance.

RofL remains fairly stable with a 9.8% control. League of Infamy is similarly unchanged since last month. Public Disorder is probably missing Dem Durrty Boys, but seems to have retained its remaining territories.

The big change this month is the new Renegade Alliance, comprising Ancient ExilesDOT, Anonymous and Nyain San with a massive 27% territorial control. As top dog, they have a target on their backs, but at least AE and N9N are good at Dust so they’ll hold up well under pressure. In particular, Proficiency V doesn’t have much representation in AUTZ so Nyain is quite secure in its holdings.

Uprising 1.7 is around the corner, so it will be interesting to see which corps can ride out the changes to vehicles, and which corps crash and burn. I guess we’ll find out the lay of the land next month in Molden Heath.


PLEX for GOOD: Typhoon Philippines Issue

CCP is organising a donation drive for those ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda.

As someone who regularly works with people in the Philippines and has already donated to their disaster relief, this will definitely be something I can get behind.

Also, CCP will kick in some internet spaceship shirts and maybe an internet spaceship for those who donate, so there’s that.


Dust 514 Squad Cup videos

The inaugural Dust 514 Squad Cup was held a couple weeks ago. It was a smaller format, being 6v6 domination with no vehicles allowed. By all reports, it went off quite smoothly, although my team was plagued with technical issues (protip: going against a very good team with two of your team members bugged and unable to spawn is not going to be pleasant)

MrGimbleB has compiled a list of videos of the matches if you want to see some of the best teams in Molden Heath go at each other, which you do.


Ups and Downs

The ups:

  • Sold all my Golems and Kronoses for anywhere up to 200M profit each
  • Sold all my Hyenas except for four
  • Broke 20B liquid isk

The downs:

  • 2.4G later, still can’t login to Eve
  • No logging in means no customs offices

60% yay, 40% doh. Verdict: meh.



Well, my TODO list is fairly complete; I have a few Golems and Kronoses built, and am currently selling off some of my stock of Hyenas.

Sadly, the wardec has put a large crimp on my plans, so I’ll have to give the customs office idea a miss for now.