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Southern Legion pulls out of Planetary Conquest

The press release is here, but in essence, we were really, really tired of the choice of server determining the outcomes of our PC battles. When the server went our way, we won; when the server went against us, we inevitably lost, so we decided to give it a rest for the time being.

I’m proud of what we achieved in our time with PC; at peak we controlled over 10% of all the districts available, with some great matches both in our time zone and out. I’m confident that when the issues are resolved, we’ll jump back into PC at a later date and reclaim our turf.

Just not right now.


Uplinks are fine; lern2play


This Week In Dust: Uprising Week 3

Another week, another repost of The Info Broker’s report.

The Report


CRONOS took heavy losses losing the foothold it had established in EoN turf. They also lost quite a few districts to attacks from both EoN and NF in their homeland. Maphia clan gave up about half their land to other alliance members in what appears at face value to be them planning to leave or downsize their PC operations.


Rise of Legion had a great success in their war against Unclaimed, primarily ZionTCD. They also took heavy losses from an attack from League of Infamy, and minor losses from Academy Inferno [CRONOS]. Pro Hic Immortalis left the alliance, which accounts for quite a bit of their district loss.


EoN seems to be sending all out attacks on CRONOS, driving CRONOS from EoN land, and taking the fight to their homeland. It appears this relentless attacking might be a result of a pact between EoN and NF. EoN suffered a minor loss to League of Infamy in ROFL space.

League of Infamy

League of Infamy had a successful campaign against ROFL in ROFL space. It appears that their goal of taking over all of Osvetur is progressing at a rapid pace.


Negative Feedback utterly destroyed STB this week, they have been playing the role of the true mercenary picking up 11 districts this week, and selling off 11/12 districts they held from last week. There is no disputing that this kind of purge and sell is generating far more ISK than the passive generation. I have yet to see a Imp sold district fall, so it sounds like they are providing quite the service.


Being targeted heavily by NF, ROFL, and Rust 415, Unclaimed sustained almost absolute losses. ‘STB Prime’ fell to NF attacking forces, while Zion was carved out of ROFL space at the same time leaving a proper defense nearly impossible.

Discussion thread is here


Experiences of a total n00b, barely 4 days into trial

An awesome read on Reddit of an adorable newbie taking his first steps into New Eden.


This Week In Dust: Uprising Week 2

I’m looking for people to help with my reports, the PC report is taking up a very large chunk of my free time, if anyone would be interested in maintaining the Corporate Activity or Top Player reports I’ve done in the past contact me at (in game data tracking is the primary need)

Forum thread is here.


Tears Reservoir: Fuller