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Crisistorical analysis

Brave Newbies founder Matias Otero traces the character history of Toasty Biggums, who was a leader of Brave’s coup and is now attempting to blackmail Pandemic Legion.

Welp, there goes the theory that the Brave coup was entirely due to personality defects in the leadership team.

Still, a bit more planning on the part of the instigators would not have gone astray.


Crisis over

Seems that BRAVE has resolved it’s leadership spill by initiating a counter spill to restore the old executor corporation.

I guess that’s evidence that an external alliance wasn’t responsible for the destabilisation, since you’d expect them to retain control and keep leeching members away.

Of course, there remains the possibility that there was someone pulling the strings, who decided to stop in order to keep BRAVE going rather than exsanguinate them (or was stopped by a rival spy ring), but that kind of thinking will just send you mad so let’s leave that alone.


Faith inhumanity

I would be disappointed if none of the people responsible for the collapse of Brave Newbies were CFC spies or agents provocateur.

Bitterly disappointed.