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DUST 514: Recruit your friends

Just like Eve’s Buddy program, Dust 514 encourages you to recruit your friends for valuable prizes.


1. Share your personalized recruiter link via Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, or any way you like. (here’s mine)
2. Your friends sign up using your Recruiter link, download DUST 514 and log into the game.
3. Your friends each receive an exclusive Recruit Assault Rifle and 7-day Recruit Skill Booster to give them a head-start in their mercenary careers.
4. Your recruiter currently gets nothing, but that will probably change 🙂

More details here:


Fleet-Up: a fleet organisation tool – a fleet management tool by Noir. Mercenary Group.


  1. FC makes a fleet composition with suggested fits/doctrine and ratios required
  2. Other people can see which fits they can fly and which skills they’re missing
  3. FC posts an op with date and doctrine to fly
  4. Other people mark themselves as attending, and with which ship
  5. Shopping lists can be made from lossmails or manually

Check it out.


Updates on Retribution 1.1 rebalancing

Since my last post

On Ancillary Armor Repairers:

A few updates:

We’re switching the AAR to use nanite repair paste instead of cap boosters. What we’re looking at now is for them to hold 8 reps worth of paste, with the smalls eating 1 per cycle, the mediums eating 5 and the larges eating 10.

I’m also investigating our options for reducing the base powergrid need for medium and large armor reps a bit.

We’re aiming to have all of this on Sisi before the weekend. Please note that just because things are on Sisi doesn’t mean they can no longer change. It just means we want to give people a chance to try it out in the game client.

A small change, but a welcome one. Armor tanking ships already have cargo issues with cap boosters, so this will alleviate the problem a lot.

On the battlecruiser rebalancing:

Ok time to get feedback on the next iteration.

Once of the things we have refocused on since this thread started is that with warfare link changes potentially on the not too distant horizon we needed to build these ships for the warfare links we want rather than the warfare links we have. The ability to use warfare links is a key part of what gives these ships their identity, even if that has been watered down in recent years.
As such we’re working to ensure that each of these ships can fit a warfare link without sacrificing a bonused highslot. We eventually want links to be something you use on field and part of that will be ensuring that you can use links while also also enjoying the normal on-grid gameplay.

To get these highslots back we’ve moved the new slot on the Ferox from low to high, and given the Brutix and Drake the “double damage bonus fewer weapons” treatment.

We’ve also taken feedback from this thread and Sisi testing to make some adjustments to some other ships.

Most notably:

  • The Harb was simply too hard to fit, and I had been too aggressive in reducing its fittings to go along with the slot change. So we’ve returned some fittings and brought it back to its old align time (while keeping the mass a bit higher).
  • The Myrm was suffering too much from not being able to hold two full flights of drones, so we’ve doubled the dronebay buff to ensure that you can always have a full set of spares.
  • The rep bonuses on both Gallente combat battlecruisers remain in this version. I do feel that they can be well served by the bonus and still remain unique to each other’s playstyle. I am however not set in stone on the issue and won’t rule out changing it either before or after 1.1 if it appears the current bonuses are not able to keep them both fun and unique enough.

I’m about to update the OP to the new values, our changes in this version relative to the originally posted version are:

Hull: -250

Powergrid: +100
CPU: +25
Agility: -0.014
Align time: -0.2s

Highslots: +1
Lowslots: -1
Powergrid: +150
Hull: -250
Agility: +0.01
Mass: -260,000

Change Kinetic Missile damage bonus from 5 to 10% per level
Launchers: -1
Powergrid: -40
CPU: -15
Hull: -250

Change Medium Hybrid damage bonus from 5 to 10% per level
Turrets: -1
Powergrid: -75
Hull: -250
Mass: +250,000
Align time: +0.01s

Dronebay: +25

Powergrid: -100
Shields: +250
Armor: -250
Hull: +250
Capacitor: +600
Cap Recharge time: +158s
Sensor strength: +1

Lock Range: +5km

The grid nerf to the Cyclone hurts, but was necessary to stop the XLASB+dual medium neut config, which was too easy to fit and maintain. The rest of the changes are looking pretty good.


Dat armor repper

Fozzie is at it again, with changes to armor tanking.

  • Nanobot Overcharger rig: After Fozzie rebalanced it, it is looking very strong: 70% more repping while overheated, while using 42% more cap (and generating an equivalent amount of heat) Definitely useful in PvP.
  • Active armor rig changes: The drawback is very low now. Big plus.
  • Armor Upgrades skill: A very welcome addition.
  • Reduced mass penalty: a nice buff to less popular plate sizes.
  • Ancillary Armor Repairer: A very nice module. Well designed, in that it is still viable for use after the cap charges run out, but still needs capacitor to activate, which ties in well with armor tanking ships having the option to fit a cap booster without impinging on their tank.
  • Incursus tanking nerf: a necessary sacrifice in light of the AAR’s existence.

Two thumbs up!


The Southern Legion Dust 514 Recruitment Video

The premiere AU timezone Dust corporation.


Jester also running for CSM8

His announcement.

I’m running out of accounts to vote with….


Malcanis is running for CSM8

His campaign thread.

I have a lot of respect for Malcanis and I will definitely be throwing him a few votes next voting season.


Just a note to …

Just a note to say that work is in progress to address many comments and issues from this thread – and also that DUST joining Tranquility today means CREST is now in full production – which is a big big technical step on the way to making it available to 3rd party developers. (CREST is how DUST clients communicates with Tranquility)

More soon!

CCP Seagull, on CREST


Not bad. I’m not sold on the anti-cloaking features, but it’s a solid set of enhancements.

Interstellar Privateer

EDIT: My thanks to Seismic Stan at Freebooted, who took up the cause and turned this topic into Blog Banter 44 a couple weeks after I published this post. It has turned into a great discussion across the EVE blogging community with some very diverse opinions and great ideas. I’ve left most of the post as-is with a couple of retroactive minor edits noted in text. Thanks Stan!

It’s been a common thread for as long as I’ve been in EVE – “Local is broken.” Depending on who you ask, it has too much / not enough / too soon / just right info for system intel and scouting use. Mostly, this argument occurs in Lowsec and Nullsec, where people either want a little extra time to find prey, or are horrified at “AFK Cloakers” that make the residents of null twitch, fearing a gank or a cyno. Please see…

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2012 Industry Goals Revisited

A year ago, I posted a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012. Let’s see how well I did.

Build and sell six capital ships: Failure

lolnope. I sunk all my liquid isk into one capital ship, which didn’t sell for months and months and when it did, falling mineral prices meant I lost isk. I’m not sure what I did wrong so I won’t be returning to this market until I work it out.

Make one thousand invention attempts: Success

Judging by the repetitive strain injury in my wrists, I think I have succeeded in this goal. I’m not sure it was a particularly laudable goal; it’s akin to making a new years resolution to lose a lot of ships.

Sell a BPC on contracts for > 50 million isk: Success

In fact, I did this multiple times this year, when I couldn’t be bothered submitting a dozen invention jobs every 90 minutes. There is a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that you don’t have to login again for 2 days 23 hours.

Buy a capital component or capital module BPO: Success

I bought one, then I sold it, then I bought three more. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: it went well.


Three out of four ain’t bad.