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Target Engaged: Forum Warrior II

From: Serpentine Logic
Sent: 2012.10.04 15:05
To: CCP Fozzie

your posts have revitalized forums everywhere.

Don’t dismiss the power of theorycrafting in bittervet player retention…



From: CCP Fozzie
To:Serpentine Logic

Hi Serpentine Logic.

Thanks for this mail, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the prospect of things getting shaken up. I’m really hoping that the balancing work we do will rekindle some people’s love for the game and keep things interesting.

All the best.


The Unbearable Leetness of Being Rote

pBump explains the recent bout of ennui that Jester is going through:

I think that one of the worst things I’ve done in my career as an FC was hanging out with Rote. Specifically attending Cass Ops, running around with Brent, and working with their guys on SiSi during the tournament preps. It brought a stark and brutal clarity to just how good, and by comparison bad EVE can be as an FC.

An example: Several months ago I was attending a Cass Op on a Friday night (as usual) On comes Cass and goes through the typical pre-op rundown. Who can fly links? Who wants to do Logi? Who wants to scout? And so forth. The difference between his form up routine and mine? Half a dozen people had perfect links. Almost everyone in the fleet could fly logi if need be, and he always used some of his best pilots as scout.

When I go through this, I have the same two people do links because they are the only ones with perfect skills. I have the same four or five people to pick from for logi (Aloe) because nobody else wants to train for it. They just want to shoot stuff. And if I put a good pilot in the role of scout, I’m almost certainly giving up a Logi or link pilot. Fuck.

Another example: We’re doing tournament prep on SiSi. Almost nobody from Clockwork shows up, so my team is almost entirely from Rote. I tell them what I want to comp for the 5v5 and off we go. The fight unfolds and things get intense. Lo and Behold! Shit doesn’t go as planned and the Rote pilots actually adjust what they’re doing without being told to do so. They actually took initiative and did something to compensate for the twists and turns the fight took. If you’ve ever FC’ed a fleet of pubbie retards, you know what a mind blowing crescendo that moment was for me.

So what’s the deal? What am I trying to say? Rote is unique in Syndicate. If you look at Johns handy little map, they are the only entity on that map with the luxury of running their outfit like it should be. They troll out entire corporations because of a low skill level, much less individual pilots. They recruit and kick people based on their abilities to fly spaceships. When they CTA for a certain fleet type, the people who show up actually have the right ship….crazy I know!

What about GROON? Well we recruit exclusively from Asperger’s anonymous .com as if this is somehow going to let us play EVE with likeminded people. We never kick anyone for being bad at EVE, because it’s supposed to be funny. EVE is after all nothing but a big joke and ‘trying’ to play it well is the antithesis of a proper goon. Our blue list is really just the people that can tolerate us on coms. That’s all it takes. Despite some pathetic undertone that we’re somehow better than pubbies, we’ll blue up pretty much anyone to bolster fleet numbers.

To tie this into the politics of Syndicate, I’d be interested to hear from the main FC’s in SynCo, FIGL, etc. if their experience has been more like mine, or that of Rote.

And before everyone jumps out of their seat screaming “holy shits just join Rote aleady!” I actually really like the core group that I’ve been playing with in GROON for the past couple years. They are my spaceships friends and I will never leave them.

Poor Rote; it’s tough being elite.


A vision of nullsec

Weaselior has released part two of his ‘what is fundamentally wrong with nullsec’ manifesto.

Part one was called ‘The Vision Thing‘. This part is called ‘Creation and Destruction‘.
Worth reading.


Trundling Along

Have been out of game for the entire weekend due to RL issues, but a few things seemed to have happened even so.

  • Cheeba’s venture paid out, netting me a few hundred million isk.
  • Against all the odds, someone bought the capital ship+component BPC packs I had on market, netting me another few hundred million
  • The capital component BPC I bought for resale comes out of research soon, whereupon I will attempt to sell it for a profit. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • I can now fly an Orca – just need to build one 🙂
  • I accidentally build a few hundred drone link augmenters instead of drone damage augmenters. Oops.

Down time

Ten minutes to midnight. Server still not up. Guess I won’t be playing Eve tonight.


Another slice of eve’s history



A slice of history

Someone on reddit posted his recollection of the first two years of EVE online from the perspective of a member of the Guiding Hand Social Club.

It makes for a great read.


Drip irrigation

Never underestimate the player retention boost that a constant feed of dev blogs provides.


The MMO Genre: A Tale of Two Forts

Syncaine is going meta this week, and has some good posts about the nature of the MMO market.

Since Mord Fiddle is AWOL and it’s unlikely that Mary Titor will post again (anagram of ‘my traitor’, ha), Syn is all the meta- I’ll get in the near future.


Being realistic

After a few weeks in Fweddit, and having managed a total of zero kills and one loss, it’s time to be realistic.


I don’t have a pvp main and an industry alt.

I have an industry main and a pvp alt.

Guess it’s time to drag Serps back out of Faction Warfare.