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Moving House

So, after the death of Mostly Harmless due to nobody being at the helm, my corp is trying out a new alliance.

Bad news is that it’s way out in Omist. That’s six cynos from Empire – the farthest I have ever been.

It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll

Good news is that I found a wormhole 7 jumps from Jita straight into the middle of our new sovereign space and moved all my stuff in two trips.



Interesting Link #5: Social Mechanics

Game mechanics of social games, i.e. ‘how to push a player’s button’


Interesting Link #4: Pleasing the Teller

A slideshow about the different types of MMO games and the play styles they push their players into.


A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 3 (via EVE Black Ops)

I’m not going to write a linear story of how to fly a Black Ops. Rather, I’m just going to point out some good tips to remember when using them.

A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 3.


A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 2 (via EVE Black Ops)

You’re going to see a bit of faction/deadspace stuff on these fits. Absolutely feel free to downgrade to T2 if you’re not comfortable dropping more isk than you already have. Just remember: You’ve spent a lot of isk on a ship that needs all the help it can get, I highly recommend you don’t skimp on fittings. They don’t need to be super pimped, and none of these fits really are, but a little extra spent will go a long way in the field.

A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 2.


Interesting Link #3: Don’t Play Games With Me

This keynote talk walks through some issues of gameful and playful design before delving into the ethics of design – and the lessons games may truly hold for us.


What’s going on in Mostly Harmless

  • MH, having successfully held off Ev0ke for a number of weeks, sees the writing on the wall when more New NC forces join the fight and calls for an evacuation to Curse.
  • MH corps rumoured to privately sell in-progress [super]caps to New NC, since the alternative is to lose them in production.
  • MH diplomat Lord2Evil is caught discussing turning on Goonswarm and, in return, being granted half their space in Deklein.
  • Goons, TEST and allies reset MH.
  • MH grunts discover this by being podded by blues while evacuating to Curse on alliance orders
  • Alliance High Command boot Lord2Evil from director roles and release a statement denouncing him and reaffirming their commitment to honourable defeat instead of winning by treachery, especially since they got caught.
  • Goons and TEST re-blue Mostly Harmless until their evacuation is complete.
  • Lord2Evil is reinstated after apologizing for his zeal at ‘keeping all options open’ and for spies ‘misconstruing’ his 6-hour long conversation with NCDOT as a real dialogue instead of the stalling tactic ‘it truly was’.
  • Lord2Evil then steals over 190 billion isk from alliance coffers, transfers two stations to corp control, and tries, again, to make a deal with NCDOT.
[03:48:08] Cold Vendetta > oh?
[03:48:10] Cold Vendetta > that i didnt see
[03:48:28] lord 2evil > fuking goons
[03:48:45] Cold Vendetta > ok
[03:48:48] Cold Vendetta > so lets be straight
[03:48:51] Cold Vendetta > what are you asking for
[03:48:55] lord 2evil > and the thought of them removing my roles just pisses me off
[03:49:15] Cold Vendetta > i know how that feels
[03:49:19] Cold Vendetta > its why im always the ceo now
[03:49:42] lord 2evil > well i want to be able to fly in fade and still live there as my corp just a small amout of guys
[03:50:08] Cold Vendetta > um
[03:50:12] Cold Vendetta > hmmm
[03:50:20] Cold Vendetta > yea why not
[03:50:29] Cold Vendetta > i know ev0ke doesnt really like go crazy about it
[03:50:34] Cold Vendetta > about holding it
[03:50:57] Cold Vendetta >
[03:51:01] Cold Vendetta > you keep that station
[03:51:28] lord 2evil > and now make me a offer on what you would give to skip all the grinding? yep that staion is fine
[03:51:48] Cold Vendetta > dude
[03:51:50] Cold Vendetta > you realise
[03:51:55] Cold Vendetta > its 5:50am
[03:51:58] Cold Vendetta > and well
[03:52:01] Cold Vendetta > i spent the day
[03:52:05] Cold Vendetta > looking like a nob head
[03:52:11] Cold Vendetta > who backed a horse who couldnt win
[03:52:15] lord 2evil > ok give me somone else that has time to talk m8
[03:52:23] Cold Vendetta > oh no i have the time
[03:52:24] lord 2evil > nouthing personal
[03:52:27] Cold Vendetta > just dont fuck me around
[03:52:30] Cold Vendetta > what do you want
[03:52:40] Cold Vendetta > we bargained
[03:52:45] Cold Vendetta > for 6 hours yesterday
[03:52:47] lord 2evil > i want a titan simple
[03:52:52] Cold Vendetta > im not going to do that again
[03:52:55] Cold Vendetta > wtf?
[03:52:57] Cold Vendetta > for systems
[03:53:00] Cold Vendetta > that are already sbu’d
[03:53:03] Cold Vendetta > and will fall anyway
[03:53:06] Cold Vendetta > you want a titan?
[03:53:14] Cold Vendetta > are you fucking kidding me
[03:53:21] Cold Vendetta > those stations arent worth isk
[03:53:29] lord 2evil > ok then its fine ill just lieve with the isk
[03:53:33] Cold Vendetta > we get fights off the timers
[03:53:38] Cold Vendetta > why do you need a titan
[03:53:42] Cold Vendetta > if your leaving with the isk?
[03:54:00] Cold Vendetta > come on be reasonable
[03:54:09] Cold Vendetta > how can i trust you anyway that you will follow through
[03:54:12] Cold Vendetta > and where the fuck
[03:54:14] Cold Vendetta > will i get a titan
[03:54:17] Cold Vendetta > in 6 hours?
[03:54:19] Cold Vendetta > or
[03:54:19] Cold Vendetta > like
[03:54:22] Cold Vendetta > 30mins
[03:54:24] Cold Vendetta > i mean im good
[03:54:26] Cold Vendetta > but im not ccp
[03:54:28] lord 2evil > lol well cant blame me for trying
[03:54:41] Cold Vendetta > was good attempt
[03:54:45] Cold Vendetta > if you were like
[03:54:55] Cold Vendetta > dropping like i dunno
[03:55:04] Cold Vendetta > something that will be like money back for my investment
[03:55:06] Cold Vendetta > would make sense
[03:55:13] lord 2evil > im just going to lieve with the isk then
[03:55:23] Cold Vendetta > well thats sad
[03:55:27] Cold Vendetta > as you made me look like a dick
[03:55:30] Cold Vendetta > for the past 24hrs
[03:55:36] Cold Vendetta > so well done
[03:55:40] lord 2evil > not really i dont want to hurt ther grunts
[03:55:58] Cold Vendetta > taking this isk will hurt the grunts
[03:56:07] Wicked Princess > seems like is the rest of their leadership doing that
[03:56:11] Cold Vendetta > if you drop all the sov
[03:56:14] Cold Vendetta > i will guarantee
[03:56:19] Cold Vendetta > you and your corps safty
[03:56:28] Cold Vendetta > to wherever you want to go
[03:56:43] Cold Vendetta > you dont need the isk or a titan
[03:56:46] Cold Vendetta > you and i both know
[03:56:50] Cold Vendetta > i wasnt going to agree to it
[03:56:52] Cold Vendetta > so how about
[03:56:55] Cold Vendetta > we cut the crap
[03:57:00] Cold Vendetta > and talk what really matters
[03:57:40] Cold Vendetta > in the end im offering you
[03:57:42] Cold Vendetta > safe haven
[03:57:44] Cold Vendetta > when the other side
[03:57:48] Cold Vendetta > will want your skin
[03:58:41] Cold Vendetta > /emote takes his hands away so no more wall of text flows
[03:59:00] Wicked Princess > lol
[03:59:15] lord 2evil > i tell you what il think alittle about it and get back to you ,i might just go to empire and become a paret
[03:59:29] Cold Vendetta > lol
[03:59:40] Cold Vendetta > your really going to just settle on just a titan or nothing?
[03:59:54] lord 2evil > talk to you later guys been a blast im sure we will read more about it in the morning
[04:00:03] Cold Vendetta > lolol can i ask one thing?
[04:00:22] lord 2evil > sure
[04:00:22] Cold Vendetta > when you cut them out of all of the isk
[04:00:27] Cold Vendetta > can you put in the reason
[04:00:30] Cold Vendetta > Sort says hi?
[04:00:36] Wicked Princess > rofl
[04:00:38] Cold Vendetta > just always wanted to be famous
[04:00:52] lord 2evil > lol ok guys laters
[04:00:54] lord 2evil > o/
[04:00:57] Cold Vendetta > o/
  • Lord2Evil doesn’t learn his lesson.
  • MH High Command is surprised by this totally unexpected betrayal by a known betrayer.
  • MH alliance finally strips Lord2Evil of his roles and retakes control of its stations, but the isk damage is done – no pvp reimbursements are likely to happen soon.
  • Mittens waxes sarcastic in the waning days of this sordid affair.
  • Update: L2E says sorry, promises to give back the isk if the :elitepvp: alliance he’s making doesn’t pan out, honest.
  • Mittens makes his sarcastic responses more specific.
There’s a possibility that L2E is just the fall guy for this abortive attempt at betrayal, but I think that gives MH High Command too much credit.

Interesting Link #2: MMOG Marketing

Warning: giant (4700 word) post on basic marketing principles, prompted by some recent discussion on a forum about what makes for a well-retaining game.


Why CCP Can Never Say Never

Asking for a promise from CCP games to never implement play 2 win micro transactions is doomed to fail, because:

  1. They can’t give it
  2. They shouldn’t give it
  3. You can’t hold them to it

All you can do is convince them that it’s a bad idea for now, and be vigilant.


A Wild Awox Appears

An infamous Eve personality dropped into a message board I frequent; none other than the legendary[pdf] Awox, who cleared up a few misconceptions about what awoxing really is.

A lot of people think that I used my blue characters to kill goons with alts. They believed the method employed was using my blue characters to tackle the victims and finish them with my neutral alts. This is what is known as awoxing.

The real method of course was using an exploit to bypass the local window to set up on people. With some digging you can find some more info on this (maybe on eve-ru).

So yes, I am that Awox. It’s named after me but I’ve never actually “awoxed” 😛

On a tangential note, I wonder which alliance will pick up the ‘awox target’ label now that the Northern Coalition is no more…

Update: Someone modded all the comments away, but awox is still chillin‘ at reddit.