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Faction Warfare, I am in you

Haven’t logged in my main for far, far too long. Time to shake things up a bit.

So, I’m going on sabbatical.

Loss killmails are go.


Pic of the day: Cyno up

Multiple-monitor screenshots. So, so good.


CSM-Player Communication

Doing it right.


new mining barges: ice harvesting

(see part 1)

Edit: New Kronos-era fits are available here.

The new medium ice harvester accelerator rig extends some of the Mackinaw’s old ice bonus to all barges, which is a big deal for new or thrifty players who want to mine ice in a tech 1 mining barge.

Note: Pre-Odyssey stats

These fits were calculated pre-Odyssey, so if you fly these in more modern times, you’ll get twice the ice yield as described here. The relative yields between each fit haven’t changed though.


Mining ice safely is the kind of thing that the Procurer excels at. Its ore hold can store twelve blocks of ice, which is less of a problem when mining ice because the yield is much lower.

Tanky (28.8 blocks/hour)

The tanky fit is as tough as a cheap battleship, and still mines a respectable 1 block every 125 seconds (filling the cargohold in 25 minutes)

Yield (39.5 blocks/hour)

Fit for Ice yield, the Procurer can pull down a block of ice in 91.1 seconds (18min 13 seconds for full cargo) while still being as tough as a battlecruiser. If you want a tank somewhere between tanky and full yield, a Damage Control II will add about +16k effective hp.


The Retriever is the ultimate afk ice mining boat, with a 27.5k ore bay (of which, realistically, only 26k is available when mining ice optimally)

Tanky (39.5 blocks/hour)

The Reriever will never have a decent tank, but sometimes you don’t need an awesome tank; just a better tank then the guy floating next to you. Yield is 2 blocks every 182 seconds, or a full cargohold in just under 40 minutes.

Yield (43.3 blocks/hour)

Fit for yield, the dual Ice Harvesters have a 166s cycle time, pulling down 26 blocks in just under 36 minutes. The tank is necessarily lacking, due to the processor overclocking rig. The lone mid slot is also constrained by the low CPU –  an Electronics EE-603 implant still isn’t enough to fit an invulnerability field, which again doesn’t improve the tank beyond about 10.9k EHP.


If you’re mining ice in a Covetor without Orca support, you’re doing it wrong. The ore bay can only hold three cycles, so any gain in yield is more han offset by the hassle of offloading the ice once it’s harvested.

Tanky (42.3 blocks/hour)

Three 255-second harvesters will fill the ore bay in 8.5 minutes – about the same rate as a Retriever fit for yield, but more fiddly.

Yield (46.5 blocks/hour)

Fit for yield, the Covetor is a much different beast. A trio of 232-second harvesters will fill the cargohold in seven and a half minutes. The tank is woeful, but, then again, you don’t even bring out the Covetor if you’re worried about tanking.


Parasoja’s Capital Blueprint Research Guide

Parasoja from Eve-Fail has compiled a five-part guide to research and development of capital ship and component blueprints.

Doing research on capital blueprints is a highly passive income method. Although the per month profit on a single blueprint is not huge, running around 6-12% with good blueprint and research activity choices, the barriers to entry are low and the player only needs to interact with the blueprint about once per month. This makes it perfect for someone with a little isk sitting around who wants to turn it into more isk without having to spend time or effort.

There is more than one way to make money researching capital blueprints:

  • Hull blueprints can be researched and sold.
  • Researched hull blueprints can be copied, and the copies sold.
  • Component blueprints can be researched and sold.
  • Researched component blueprints can copied, and the copies sold.

This guide-ish thing will cover each of these four items.

If you’ve ever considered doing that sort of thing, take a look.


Scan ship/cargo/belt, paste into here, get total price

Reposted from reddit:

Raath delivers.

From his blog:

As it turns out nearly everything in eve online can be Ctrl+A Ctrl+C ed. Directional scans, mineral scan results even inventory can be copied to clipboard. So I had to take advantage of this feature and hopefully make a few lives easier.

[R]ecently someone asked me if they could copy the contents of the mineral scanner somehow. The logic was that if they warped an orca right into belt, do a scan then copy paste the results into some widget and get an overall value of the belt.

[…] I’ve added the feature to the public end as well so people not registered can use the [2] Price check feature by checking the “show refined worth” checkbox.

So now everyone has an easy to use lookup widget to get the current refined value of their current stock or that gravi belt they just discovered without all the hassle of having to enter values in one at a time. I bet even Chribba would find this feature handy for his veld fleet 😉

I checked it out last night: turns out belts in high sec are worth roughly 80M isk, unless they’ve been left fallow for a few days.



Busy reading Diary of a Space Noob and playing massive amounts of Team Fortress, while training Gallente Dreadnaught to V…