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T3 invention calculators

So, there are many sites that help you do the sums for T2 invention – what your expected cost would be with various skill levels, what the impact on cost-per-unit and ism-per-hour is with decryptors etc.

And yet, I haven’t found anything equivalent for T3 cruisers/subsystems or destroyers.

Did I overlook something, or do they not exist?


Eve Meet

Ever wondered whether any Eve-related social events are happening near where you live?

Wonder no more, because EveMeet will tell you. Brought to you by one of the organisers of Eve Down Under (and CSM10 candidate) Bam Stroker, the site lets you advertise your next pub crawl as well as search for events hosted by others. Eve Single Sign-On is coming soon, for those who don’t feel like registering via email.