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YAEM: Yet Another Eve Manager

Ever wondered how your alliance ties together forums, teamspeak and jabber, or wanted to do so but didn’t know how?

Turns out someone is writing an auth manager, and more importantly, is open-sourcing it so you can actually trust it 🙂

It’s in beta now, but it’s looking really promising, so here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.


Eve To Do List

EveHermit posted his TODO list. I figured I’d post mine as well, in the spirit of accountability 🙂


  • Build a couple Golems
  • Build a couple Kronoses
  • Invent too many blueprints and build extra Golems
  • Invent too many blueprints and build extra Kronoses
  • Find build costs for new Rubicon deployables
  • Rebuild mineral stockpile
  • Build 60 Electronic Attack Frigates for sale
  • Scout out some likely places to drop highsec customs offices
  • Build  somewhere between 6 and 20 POCOs
  • Arrange for corpmates to take down POCOs
  • Discover that nobody wants to login to kill POCOs
  • Revise estimate downwards
  • Play Dust instead

The State of The Heath, 2013-10-28

Image courtesy of DustCharts

So, a lot has changed in the last month.

EoN. is much reduced from its heyday, slimming down from 47% district control to 15%, due to the loss of TeamPlayers as a district holder in its own right, the combined efforts of the Fuck EoN Coalition, and let’s be honest, Grand Theft Auto V has played its part.

We see a few new players dipping their toes into planetary conquest, with Latinos Killers Corp and S.A.L.U.K.I gaining districts. TEST Alliance and Goonswarm Federation’s token holdings remain; one expects that holding many districts is not a strategic goal for them, so you’re more likely to see them in Faction Warfare than in PC battles.

The Southern Legion continues to chip away at any reinforcement timers in their time zone, but so far haven’t managed to take any districts from Nyain San, who recently put their hand up and formed an alliance with a massive 16% territorial control. Can they retain it? More accurately, can anyone else in their time zone take it off them?

Dust Uni remains fairly stable on 2% control, but the real surprise is the number of large land-holding corps who are unaffiliated with alliances: Valor, WTF, Outer Heaven and Ancient Exiles having almost 30% district control between them. It will be interesting to see whether that trend persists once war barge strikes are removed from planetary conquest battles. Nothing says “I have friends in high places” more than orbital strikes on tap.

After their turn as top dog a few months ago, ROFL has regrouped and remains a non-trivial player in Molden Heath. Its corps and territories position it as a strong euro timezone force, but it’s up against some strong competition outside its timezone.

League of Infamy and Public Disorder continue to hold territory, although less than last month, chipped away by a number of larger corps and alliances. Public Disorder in particular is hurting without solid support from SVER True Blood, so the bloodshed might not be over yet.

All in all, things are looking quite interesting on the ground in Molden Heath.


Proposed Dust 514 War Barges explained

Ever wondered what the long-term plans were for Dust mercs to traipse across the cluster? Turns out CCP has some ideas.

Source: Zion Shad, from the Eve Vegas slides


Dust Vegas

Dust Vegas – a great write-up on Dust’s future plans from Ugleb, from the Eve Vegas presentations.


I always wanted to be big Down Under

We’re number five! We’re number five!



CCP Rouge lays out his strategic goals

“If I would want to push the game somewhere right now,” he said, “it would be to really focus on that kind of visceral gameplay — that intense first few hours, first few days of playing the game — and making sure that we can engage more people into that world, into that fiction, and show you … how deep and rich that universe is.”


“It’s ‘Once upon a time, me in the universe of Dust and Eve,'” he said. “That’s something that I think Eve Online does really well. When you play that game, very quickly it’s the story of me into that huge sandbox design. One big thing that related to Dust 514 is that to me is very important is the player-driven economy, and that is also something that we want to push extremely hard on because I think it is a very engaging part of the game.”

Full article here.