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Defining the narrative

So, Delve is under attack. Maybe it’s for good fights ™, maybe it’s serious. Considering that the current owners, TEST, gained sovereignty precisely by invading for good fights and finding no opposition, they’re understandably worried, despite the assurances by the attackers (if you can’t trust the people invading you, then who can you trust?)

Still, there’s always time to whip up some propaganda about the situation.


Eve Watch for Android

HotDogRebel from Brave Newbies has released an app that sends notifications to your Android device.

Called Eve Watch, it not only sends you API-generated notifications, but other useful stuff you can configure, like industry jobs finishing or market orders being sold, which is pretty neat.

Check it out.


This Week In Dust: Uprising Week 1

The Info Broker is back with another report:

I’ve finished my report on the first week of PC. I’ve decided to focus more on the bigger alliances and the Corporation in them. 44 of the 45 successfully attacked districts went to a named Alliances on page two of the report (the other one went to an independent Corporation that seems to have ties to CRONOS).

The top four alliances in terms of landholding already hold over 75% of the districts.

While Ideally I could track everyone, I am instead focusing my efforts on those who are making big impacts, if a group can make a big impact without an Alliance tag, I’ll be the first to make note of that. Until that happens sadly non-alliance Corporations will be mostly excluded from my reports.

Unclaimed. and Negative Feedback will be included on a unique page in my next report


Secured all remaining Hadaleolfarbar for full Control
Secured all remaining districts on Oddelelf for full Control
Pressing a heavy offensive on bosena, taking majority control on the planet
Attacked EoN and set up a base on audesder


Suffered heavy losses on Aedaid from EoN
Driven out of Audesder by EoN
Suffered heavy losses on Hrober from Negative Feedback/EoN attacks.
Appears to have attacked themselves on Hrober for protection (12 attacks with 0 clone loss) 960,000M ISK cost.


Gained Majority Control of Muttokon from Unclaimed
Gained Majority Control of Aedaid from ORION
Gained Majority Control of Hrober from ORION
Removed Orion from Audesder
Lost a district to CRONOS in Audesder


Drove Unclaimed from Egbinger
Lost Complete Control of Aeditide
Lost a district on Osvetur to League of Infamy
Drove Orion out of Klinght, but lost the gains to NF


Attacked mimiror and nearly secured it from Covert Intervention
Lost all land on egbinger and muttokon

Negative Feedback

Attacked Osvertur and took a district from ROFL
Attacked Klingt and took a district from an unallied Corp
Attacked Altbrard and took a district from CRONOS
Attacked Hrober and inflicted heavy losses on ORION

League of Infamy

Suffered losses on bosena at the hands of CRONOS
Attacked osvetur and took a district from ROFL


Odyssey Industry changes

CCP Fozzie has been hard at work, and has a few tidbits of changes coming down the pipe in Odyssey:

[Odyssey] Removal of moon mineral derived materials from T1 and Faction blueprints

Have another change for Odyssey to announce to you fine people in Science and Industry. When I was working on mapping out the usage of all the moon minerals for the T2 manufacturing rebalance, I took the chance to clean up the usage of T2 composites and construction components. There were a few T1 items that use them, as well as a number of faction items that had T2 build requirements by mistake (the original design for the navy faction modules was for them to have T1-style build requirements, but when creating many of them the original designers seem to have copied the T2 blueprints instead).

This affects many Faction Modules that have had the T2 materials and skills removed from the blueprint requirements.

This also affects the following T1 modules:

  • All T1 gang links
  • Command processors
  • Prototype cloaking devices
  • Warp disrupt probes

These T1 blueprints have had their composite requirements replaced mainly with planetary interaction products, and in the case of the Warp disrupt probes, more Stront.

The full requirements for all these blueprints can be found on SISI, so if you are in the business of building these items you will want to take a look there for the changes and prepare accordingly.


[Odyssey] Change to permissions for cancelling corporation jobs

Hey everyone. CCP Masterplan was able to get a change completed for Odyssey that should hopefully open up a lot of options for corporation manufacturing and research. It’s a change that we have received a lot of requests for in our Starbase Iterations blog comments thread.

After Odyssey, the only people who will be able to cancel a corporation job will be
a) the person who started the job
b) a corporation director

The rules for who can install jobs, view jobs and deliver jobs are unchanged. This does not affect personal jobs.
This affects all corporation manufacturing and research jobs.

Let us know what you think!


Dust 514 Logistics Guide

Dust 514 Logistics Guide


Planetary Conquest Day 6

Finally fended off KAIBA Corp last night; this was their forth attack on that district and it’s a relief getting some more clones in. They were a no-show, but hey, we’ll take our wins where we can.

During the day, we successfully defended a district against Betamax; this was the second battle there in as many days. Turns out we do a lot better without awoxers.

We continued with our attack on Egbinger VII; after taking District 1 from The Unholy Legion of Darkstar the day before but losing the District 4 match, we got a win last night and hopefully tonight we can take full control.

Tonight, we have a few more attacks against a different opponent, just to see how we fare. Fingers crossed!

This Planetary Control stuff is way fun.


Planetary Conquest Day 5

Lost a match, in small measure due to awoxing, but won the important timer vs KAIBA corp, who have so far spent 320M isk trying to take that district. I suspect that the ANZAC players will be conducting a continued low-intensity war against the Japanese, and I can’t wait for the next one.


Planetary Conquest, Day 4

Won a match vs KAIBA last night – cloned them out with a quite modest loss on our side. They stumped up the isk for a rematch, which we did just a few minutes ago. Sadly, we lost in a fairly close-fought match, so we’ve learned a few lessons and hopefully we’ll do better tomorrow for the second timer.

So far, PC seems to be living up to its advertising. The corp is energised, we have regular PvP engagements, and a lot of isk is being spent 🙂


Planetary Conquest, day 3

Four successful defenses (two were no-shows), and two losses to Nyain San and Imperfects. Next up, a match vs KAIBA-Corporation tonight.


Dust weaponry by type

CCP Remnant was asked about which weapons are classified into which types, since many tech 2 suits get bonuses to their racial weaponry. He replied with:

Hybrid (plasma) – assault rifle, plasma cannon, ion pistol (not yet released), shotgun
Hybrid (railgun) – forge gun, sniper rifle, magsec SMG (not yet released), rail rifle (not yet released), bolt pistol (not yet released)
Laser (beam) – laser rifle
Laser (pulse) – scrambler pistol, scrambler rifle
Projectile – SMG, HMG, combat rifle (not yet released), precision rifle (not yet released)
Explosive – mass driver, swarm launcher, flaylock pistol


We’re still missing two heavy weapon variants (gallente and amarr).

As to what they’ll do… speculate away Blink

So, there’s a lot of weapons in the immediate pipeline.

ps: Gallente Heavy Flamer. Do it.