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So, Datacore crash?

The Inferno patch notes state:

Datacore offers have been added to Factional Warfare Militia Corporations (250 LP and 250,000 ISK for a package of 5)

At a generous 2000:1 isk to Loyalty Point exchange rate, that leaves Datacores retailing at about 150k isk each.

When doubled due to < 40% faction control, prices for the losing side will be substantially similar to before the change

However, for those datacores offered by the winning side, the costs are halved (or quartered!), which is especially interesting for Mechanical Engineering datacores, which are offered by all factions.

Unless there’s a true stalemate, one of the four factions will be ‘winning’ and thus push prices down. It’s probably not a good idea to be holding too many datacores of that type…


Salvaging service? There’s a corp for that

Annoyed at the waste when there’s a bunch of wrecks left over from your mission, but not motivated enough to go back to loot and salvage them? Turns out there’s a corp specialized in hoovering up your stuff for a cut of the proceeds.

Pro Synergy provides a professional looting & salvaging services to level 4 security mission runners throughout New Eden. Our aim is to greatly increase profits and save time for all mission runners and dedicated salvagers alike so you can concentrate on earning those LP’s, Bounties and Rewards.


Oh, is it bad fits day?

Poetic Stanziel mentions bad fits, and suggests “Next time you destroy a horri-fit, maybe spend 10 minutes and throw your victim an evemail, giving them two or three pointers on how to better fit their ships.”

Looks like these three guys we killed last night are due for some helpful suggestions…


Bulk Trade mailing list: run by a scammer?

So, an alliance mate asked me for some advice about a situation she found herself.

There’s an evemail mailing list called bulk trade that’s notable as being a good place to buy and sell large amounts of mass-produced goods at a reasonable price. The list is moderated by W3370Pi4, and according to his bio:

which presumably means that scams make him angry.

Which is unfortunate, since he appears to be a scammer himself, judging by this evemail conversation.

WTS Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
From: Vjeko
To: Bulk Trade Mailing List
Sent: 2012.05.04 21:25

WTS 34 Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
1M per unit
Bulk only

located in jita 4/4

Re: WTS Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
From: Opaque Intent
Sent: 2012.05.07 01:50
To: Vjeko,

Isn’t this a scam?

Re: Re: WTS Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
From: Vjeko
Sent: 2012.05.07 17:36
To: Opaque Intent

i own the mailing list
so you better be clear with your arguments

Fw: Re: Re: WTS Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
From: Opaque Intent
Sent: 2012.05.08 01:58
To: W3370Pi4

srsly? everyone knows iris probe launchers are worthless and only used in scams.

Re: Fw: Re: Re: WTS Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
From: W3370Pi4
To: Opaque Intent

yes its my alt

For those who don’t know, the Prototype Iris Probe Launcher came with the Zephyr exploration ship, given out to capsuleers during the Apocrypha expansion. Notably, it can only be used on the Zephyr, and by unpacking, stripping and repackaging a Zephyr, you can make as many as you want for free. Like Civilian Miners from rookie ships, they’re essentially worthless and have no business being offered on a ‘bulk trade’ mailing list, especially when not in bulk.

Considering that the rules of his own mailing list state:

“Manipulating any markets and dumping stock falsly priced on the mailing list will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban for all the characters linked.”

Whether it was ignorance or malice, it really isn’t a good look either way.

I call on W3370Pi4 to make a public statement apologising to that mailing list for attempting to scam the members of his own list, and what actions he will take to regain their trust.



Have been out of action for a while due to my computer being away for repairs (it’s the last month of the hardware warranty period so it can’t really be put off)

The good thing is all the research and manufacturing jobs will continue in my absence, so I don’t feel completely bereft from Eve 🙂

In my absence, though, it seems the alliance went on a tech 1 cruiser roam with hilarious results. Fly dangerous, guys.


Liberty Prime Overview Generator

Blake mentioned a new overview generator that looks really impressive.

Check it out.