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Preparing for Retribution

I don’t know about you, but I’m building a few hundred million isk worth of <stuff> for Retribution. How bout you?


The price of safety is… actually quite cheap

Running a starbase is an expensive hobby. Sure, you get the neat things that you attach to the tower (I like mobile labs, personally) but, like an American car, the fuel costs can be steep. What’s worse, unless you set up your tower in highsec, there’s the constant threat ofย some Germans blowing it up.

Heavy Fuel

A tower uses fuel blocks according to size, so with current prices of ~12000 isk per block, the weekly running cost of towers is:

  • Small: 20.16M isk per week
  • Medium: 40.32M per week
  • Large: 80.64M per week

Ticket to Bribe

How much would you pay for the security of high sec for your tower? Relatively safe from senseless ganks, 100% safe from sieged dreadnaughts, and if you do get a wardec, your entire alliance can jump clone to Empire for a holiday.

Turns out, the price is quite reasonable. Leaving aside the one-off standings requirements needed to place a tower in highsec, the ongoing costs of highsec towers is only a miniscule percentage higher than lowsec. A tower only requires a single starbase charter per hour to get permission to stay online in high sec.

Let’s run some numbers. The weekly cost of these charters, on a per-tower basis is:

  • Small: 252k isk per week
  • Medium: 252k isk per week
  • Large: 252k isk per week

Or putting it another way, the cost of doing your manufacturing business in highsec is between 1.25% and 0.32%, an absolute pittance.

Does that seem right to you?


I’ve seen the future and it will be transparent

with apologies to Prince

The Retribution expansion to Eve Online has already shown some upgrades to the targeting UI, with previews already available on the test server.

And yeah, they are an improvement.


The world has moved on from the quasi-8 bit user interface of the nineties, no matter how awesome it appears in movies.

In fact, movies should be the inspiration for games such as Eve. We get enough of bland UIs on our computers as it is; when we pay money each month to login to a futuristic game with awesome spaceship and nebula visuals, we don’t want to see more of the same.

As an exercise, we can even imagine what such a UI would look like, based on recent movies:

Your standard dual-monitor setup with the scanning window open

What was that, Skippy? Citadel torpedoes have fallen down the gravity well and landed on some Dust mercs?

Oh, look, a fitting screen. Who knew Iron Man only has three high slots?

I can see some potential here ๐Ÿ˜‰


Low Tide

We’ve had some recent bouts of pvp with Mildly Intoxicated, who are apparently joining Nulli’s alliance and were using our pocket as a staging point and presumably a place to retreat to if things go south in the South.

A couple of the corps shed alliance and set up nearby, namely Bring the Noise and Low Tied. A charming bunch of larrikins they may be, but one does not simply set up inside someone else’s house, so we regretfully encouraged them to move on.

Best of luck guys, and next time please call us before you rock up on our doorstep.

ps: one hour of strontium doesn’t quite cut it, chaps.


FOUND: One CSM Member

Was wondering where most of the CSM members were up to. Haven’t heard from any of them except for Hans in over two months.



Note to self: auto piloting to jita with null sec ‘fastest route’ option is a good way to wake up in a free pod.

I can only imagine the surprise of whoever found me deep in lowsec in my combat shuttle.

Sadly, I exploded less than 15km from highsec ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Pop goes the freighters

So, a few days ago a new guy joined the alliance and started moving apparently all his assets to be closer to our staging system.

With tragic results.

He jumped into Uedama, started to align to the out gate, saw ships appearing, realised it was a logon trap then disconnected.

The interesting thing is that his logs don’t show any aggressive acts taken on his ship before he logged, yet the ship was still in space (according to the login screen) fifteen minutes later.

What’s even more interesting is that the killmail is more than fifteen minutes after he logged out. Needless to say, a petition is underway regarding that loss. Perhaps there’s an unknown bug that allows someone to bump a ship out of alignment, even when they’re doing an emergency warp?

It’s not an isolated incident either; there have been a spate of such freighter kills.