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First Cyno!

Lit my first cyno last night. It was pretty cool, but the special effect was quite underwhelming. I can understand why people want the old cyno effect.


I’m such a fan

Read Jester’s experience as an incursion logi pilot.

Immediately started training the prereqs for Logistics.



Interesting Link #6: Incursion Advice

Hazri has compiled a comprehensive set of articles, strategies and tested fittings for running incursion sites. A great knowledge base that expands on those who have read Incursions for Dummies and are looking for more.


POS Security settings

If the defenses tab on your POS settings do not look like this you are wrong.

From an alliance evemail:

pos settings screen

  • Use alliance standings: Checked
  • Attack if standing lower than: Checked [value: 0.1]
  • Attack if security status below: Unchecked
  • Attack if other security status is dropping: Unchecked
  • Attack if aggression: Unchecked
  • Attack if at war: Checked

Press “Apply”

Please note the “Attack If Aggression” Box is unchecked. If you want your POS to shoot friendly defenders then by all means go ahead and check it, otherwise please refrain from the retardation that is the “Attack If Aggression” box.


Time to play

Finding it difficult to find the time to play lately. At this rate, I’ll have to start a (highsec?) industry alt.

To paraphrase:

Though my drones may idle and ships may lie at anchor, our foes know full well that assembly lines never tire.



Stabs has posted a three part series about a new technology called StoryBricks that allows a game designer to easily assign motives and relationships to NPCs to drive loose plot lines without having to do the entire hard-coded scripting thing.

CCP has demonstrated that it’s not averse to pulling in existing tech (eve voice etc) instead of rolling their own. Maybe they can use this sort of idea in their toolbox.

When you see it, you will -


I was There

… bombing your drones.

Last night was a CTA for an AAA Citizens I-Hub and assorted bits and pieces. We turned up early and shot at an SBU for a while, then the call came to warp to the ihub and it was on like donkey kong. The reds had a decent Abaddon fleet and dozen or so supercarriers, which it turns out we couldn’t break the tank of, so we shot at fighters and fighter bombers until the rest of the red fleet warped in.

We danced, oh, how we danced! then embraced for a slow waltz of traversal vs tracking. Good fights were exchanged in local, and I called it a night, having run out of bombs to spitefully pop sentry drones, and snatched a few hostile kills, and quite a few friendly ones thanks to area effect damage.

Props go to our FC, who kept us mostly alive even after he disconnected and we ran out of logistics ships in the first 30 seconds, to the Maverick Navy and other AAA guys for putting up a fight, and to RA and Co for bringing a fight without resorting to Pandemic Legion.


Crisis averted

Here I was, minding my business in high-sec, enjoying the sun and relative safety from the Orphanage boys, when, suddenly, I was set upon in my tech 1 hauler by an artillery Tempest!

Admittedly, I was autopiloting, and I did have a Dramiel blueprint in my cargohold, but I suppose it’s nice that people are taking an interest in little ole me.

Unluckily for him, I had bought that hauler a few minutes ago and threw some tank modules on it and escaped in half armour \o/

Oh well, bad luck.

Missed out


Aura 1.03: wallet activated

Aura for Android has a new release that includes wallet transactions and journal (it already had market orders conveniently linked to eve-central)

Marcel, you have earned yourself another fully-fit ship for your fitting service beta testing!


It’s not stealing if you call it research

Ripard Teg has a great analysis of Perpetuum’s new sovereignty system. CCP take note!

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