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Eveeye Maps, Dust 514 Edition

Eveeye Maps now has Dust 514-related visualisations. neat.


Blue Donut, Dust 514 Edition



Live by the sword…

Die by the sword.

RIP in Peace, ANON.


The State of The Heath, 2013-12-10

A fair bit has changed in two weeks.

EoN has picked up a number of districts, adding almost 50% to its previous holdings. Dark Legion remains steady, and Rust 514 has shouldered its way to three districts, while the South Americans in Amenaza drop to two. Top Men are dozing on two districts, but then things start getting interesting.

SALUKI lost all their districts due to the unfortunate strategic decision to be in the same time zone as Nyain San. The Southern Legion also bowed out of planetary conquest after a long and bloody war with Anonymous and Renegade Alliance.

Proficiency V remains effectively unchanged from last time, as do the smattering of small alliances that come and go. No Dust University holdings at this time, though.

The unaligned corps stayed steady at 20% territory control, although the makeup changed markedly; Dem Durrty Boyz and Unknown Killers jumped ship to Renegade Alliance, and the slack picked up by Molon Labe who left ROFL.

Speaking of ROFL, it’s looking a bit anemic after losing Molon Labe, but Public Disorder and Die Valkyrja retain their territory unchanged.

SVER True Blood seems interested in PC matches again, doubling Public Disorder’s territorial control to 4.5%. The biggest territory is still that of Renegade Alliance, bursting at the seams from ingesting Saluki and TSOLE, and waddling around holding 34.7% of Molden Heath in its obese fingers. I suspect that a number of territories will be sold to newcomers to PC, only to be lost to bigger and/or better organisations until eventually lost to SQDRN and sold once more.

It’s the cycle of life in Molden Heath.





It all started when Unkn0wn Killers attacked our Planet Fight Club district. As is allowed, we brought in troops from across the alliance to help out, because hey, fights.

Egypt Musk objected, saying that in-alliance ringers were forbidden (they weren’t, and still aren’t), and things escalated into a full-scale war.

Sadly, while we won approximately zero attacks, in no small part due to soul-crushing lag (getting <1 frame per second is not cool), we also held up quite well on defense, losing the occasional district due to having multiple reinforcement timers at the same time.

However, it couldn’t last; the guys were doing up to fifteen matches per day, and when match timers coincided with Eve Down Under, we basically just stopped turning up to fights.

Simultaneous to Eve Down Under, a corp CEO brokered a surrender ceasefire agreement, which has caused a certain amount of bad blood, both that it was disclosed publicly, and that it was even signed at all.

So, now we’ve nowhere to call home and must pack up our Madrugars and drive off to a new camping grounds for a while.

But, we’ll be back.


The State of The Heath, 2013-11-21

A lot has changed since last month. Then again, a lot changed in that month too. Maybe there’s a pattern.

EoN is much reduced even from last month, dropping to a tiny 2.9% territorial control. Dark Legion has picked up a couple districts, and it looks like the South American corps have formed the Amenaza Inminente alliance. Nice one, guys. S.A.L.U.K.I. have increased their control from 1.2 to 2%, but they’re in the same time zone as the Southern Legion, whose increase from 3.6 to 4.9% indicates there’s stiff competition for districts with Oceanic-friendly timers.

Proficiency V has a solid 23% control, losing Nyain San but picking up 0uter.Heaven and Valor Coalition as rumoured last month. The ‘no alliance’ corp share has more than halved this month, with the gains of What The French and arrival of  Dem Durrty Boys far outmatched by the loss of OH, AE and Anon. Unkn0wn Killers, a pet of  A.N.O.N.Y.M.O.U.S, has also picked up a few territories on the back of ringers from Renegade Alliance.

RofL remains fairly stable with a 9.8% control. League of Infamy is similarly unchanged since last month. Public Disorder is probably missing Dem Durrty Boys, but seems to have retained its remaining territories.

The big change this month is the new Renegade Alliance, comprising Ancient ExilesDOT, Anonymous and Nyain San with a massive 27% territorial control. As top dog, they have a target on their backs, but at least AE and N9N are good at Dust so they’ll hold up well under pressure. In particular, Proficiency V doesn’t have much representation in AUTZ so Nyain is quite secure in its holdings.

Uprising 1.7 is around the corner, so it will be interesting to see which corps can ride out the changes to vehicles, and which corps crash and burn. I guess we’ll find out the lay of the land next month in Molden Heath.


Planetary Response Organisation disbanded

dat slope

Planetary Response Organisation, a Dust corporation with over 800 members is no more.

Wonder where they’ll turn up?

forum thread here


CBJ posted on reddit:

Hey folks! I just thought I would shed a little light upon what happened this weekend, for those interested.

The PROject I and many have been working on was a community project that started in Massive Action Game on the PS3. It was wildly successful and I had the intention of taking that community with me to Dust514. Unfortunately for all of us, our community structure, strained leadership, and series upon series of unspeakable yelling matches, proved to me once and for all, that the past community was incompatible and unmanageable with Dust514 culture/design.

In consulting with people over the past few days, and having carefully considered this move for months now, PXRX0 is officially disbanded. I am taking a break from leadership related activities and focusing my time on Factional Warfare within my Alliance, until at which time I am ready to begin my next major project. I will however, NOT be recruiting to any future project from an existing player base, but instead focus entirely upon the strength of new players.

At any rate, it was a lot of fun, including the headaches and hangovers. All good things must come to an end, and as such I have left tombstone corps up on the leader boards as a reminder of where many thousands of players started their first days in Dust514 / MAG.