Eve To Do List

EveHermit posted his TODO list. I figured I’d post mine as well, in the spirit of accountability 🙂


  • Build a couple Golems
  • Build a couple Kronoses
  • Invent too many blueprints and build extra Golems
  • Invent too many blueprints and build extra Kronoses
  • Find build costs for new Rubicon deployables
  • Rebuild mineral stockpile
  • Build 60 Electronic Attack Frigates for sale
  • Scout out some likely places to drop highsec customs offices
  • Build  somewhere between 6 and 20 POCOs
  • Arrange for corpmates to take down POCOs
  • Discover that nobody wants to login to kill POCOs
  • Revise estimate downwards
  • Play Dust instead

3 Responses to “Eve To Do List”

  1. 1 Foo
    October 30, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Killing interbus customs offices is easy.

    Bring 600 dps in t1 laser/drone ships; whether that is one large ship or several small ones. (passive regen is 500hps)

    Point dps at customs office.

    Go to bed.

    Wake up following morning; and one of 2 things has happened. Either someone has blown up your ships, or customs office is dead.

    Now there is a possibility of someone discovering your customs office bash ships and putting up a customs office in your spot.

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