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Interesting Link #2: MMOG Marketing

Warning: giant (4700 word) post on basic marketing principles, prompted by some recent discussion on a forum about what makes for a well-retaining game.


Why CCP Can Never Say Never

Asking for a promise from CCP games to never implement play 2 win micro transactions is doomed to fail, because:

  1. They can’t give it
  2. They shouldn’t give it
  3. You can’t hold them to it

All you can do is convince them that it’s a bad idea for now, and be vigilant.


A Wild Awox Appears

An infamous Eve personality dropped into a message board I frequent; none other than the legendary[pdf] Awox, who cleared up a few misconceptions about what awoxing really is.

A lot of people think that I used my blue characters to kill goons with alts. They believed the method employed was using my blue characters to tackle the victims and finish them with my neutral alts. This is what is known as awoxing.

The real method of course was using an exploit to bypass the local window to set up on people. With some digging you can find some more info on this (maybe on eve-ru).

So yes, I am that Awox. It’s named after me but I’ve never actually “awoxed” 😛

On a tangential note, I wonder which alliance will pick up the ‘awox target’ label now that the Northern Coalition is no more…

Update: Someone modded all the comments away, but awox is still chillin‘ at reddit.


Interesting Link #1: Paying to Win

An expose on micro-transactions in Battlefield Heroes.