What’s going on in Mostly Harmless

  • MH, having successfully held off Ev0ke for a number of weeks, sees the writing on the wall when more New NC forces join the fight and calls for an evacuation to Curse.
  • MH corps rumoured to privately sell in-progress [super]caps to New NC, since the alternative is to lose them in production.
  • MH diplomat Lord2Evil is caught discussing turning on Goonswarm and, in return, being granted half their space in Deklein.
  • Goons, TEST and allies reset MH.
  • MH grunts discover this by being podded by blues while evacuating to Curse on alliance orders
  • Alliance High Command boot Lord2Evil from director roles and release a statement denouncing him and reaffirming their commitment to honourable defeat instead of winning by treachery, especially since they got caught.
  • Goons and TEST re-blue Mostly Harmless until their evacuation is complete.
  • Lord2Evil is reinstated after apologizing for his zeal at ‘keeping all options open’ and for spies ‘misconstruing’ his 6-hour long conversation with NCDOT as a real dialogue instead of the stalling tactic ‘it truly was’.
  • Lord2Evil then steals over 190 billion isk from alliance coffers, transfers two stations to corp control, and tries, again, to make a deal with NCDOT.
[03:48:08] Cold Vendetta > oh?
[03:48:10] Cold Vendetta > that i didnt see
[03:48:28] lord 2evil > fuking goons
[03:48:45] Cold Vendetta > ok
[03:48:48] Cold Vendetta > so lets be straight
[03:48:51] Cold Vendetta > what are you asking for
[03:48:55] lord 2evil > and the thought of them removing my roles just pisses me off
[03:49:15] Cold Vendetta > i know how that feels
[03:49:19] Cold Vendetta > its why im always the ceo now
[03:49:42] lord 2evil > well i want to be able to fly in fade and still live there as my corp just a small amout of guys
[03:50:08] Cold Vendetta > um
[03:50:12] Cold Vendetta > hmmm
[03:50:20] Cold Vendetta > yea why not
[03:50:29] Cold Vendetta > i know ev0ke doesnt really like go crazy about it
[03:50:34] Cold Vendetta > about holding it
[03:50:57] Cold Vendetta > http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/FIO1-8
[03:51:01] Cold Vendetta > you keep that station
[03:51:28] lord 2evil > and now make me a offer on what you would give to skip all the grinding? yep that staion is fine
[03:51:48] Cold Vendetta > dude
[03:51:50] Cold Vendetta > you realise
[03:51:55] Cold Vendetta > its 5:50am
[03:51:58] Cold Vendetta > and well
[03:52:01] Cold Vendetta > i spent the day
[03:52:05] Cold Vendetta > looking like a nob head
[03:52:11] Cold Vendetta > who backed a horse who couldnt win
[03:52:15] lord 2evil > ok give me somone else that has time to talk m8
[03:52:23] Cold Vendetta > oh no i have the time
[03:52:24] lord 2evil > nouthing personal
[03:52:27] Cold Vendetta > just dont fuck me around
[03:52:30] Cold Vendetta > what do you want
[03:52:40] Cold Vendetta > we bargained
[03:52:45] Cold Vendetta > for 6 hours yesterday
[03:52:47] lord 2evil > i want a titan simple
[03:52:52] Cold Vendetta > im not going to do that again
[03:52:55] Cold Vendetta > wtf?
[03:52:57] Cold Vendetta > for systems
[03:53:00] Cold Vendetta > that are already sbu’d
[03:53:03] Cold Vendetta > and will fall anyway
[03:53:06] Cold Vendetta > you want a titan?
[03:53:14] Cold Vendetta > are you fucking kidding me
[03:53:21] Cold Vendetta > those stations arent worth isk
[03:53:29] lord 2evil > ok then its fine ill just lieve with the isk
[03:53:33] Cold Vendetta > we get fights off the timers
[03:53:38] Cold Vendetta > why do you need a titan
[03:53:42] Cold Vendetta > if your leaving with the isk?
[03:54:00] Cold Vendetta > come on be reasonable
[03:54:09] Cold Vendetta > how can i trust you anyway that you will follow through
[03:54:12] Cold Vendetta > and where the fuck
[03:54:14] Cold Vendetta > will i get a titan
[03:54:17] Cold Vendetta > in 6 hours?
[03:54:19] Cold Vendetta > or
[03:54:19] Cold Vendetta > like
[03:54:22] Cold Vendetta > 30mins
[03:54:24] Cold Vendetta > i mean im good
[03:54:26] Cold Vendetta > but im not ccp
[03:54:28] lord 2evil > lol well cant blame me for trying
[03:54:41] Cold Vendetta > was good attempt
[03:54:45] Cold Vendetta > if you were like
[03:54:55] Cold Vendetta > dropping like i dunno
[03:55:04] Cold Vendetta > something that will be like money back for my investment
[03:55:06] Cold Vendetta > would make sense
[03:55:13] lord 2evil > im just going to lieve with the isk then
[03:55:23] Cold Vendetta > well thats sad
[03:55:27] Cold Vendetta > as you made me look like a dick
[03:55:30] Cold Vendetta > for the past 24hrs
[03:55:36] Cold Vendetta > so well done
[03:55:40] lord 2evil > not really i dont want to hurt ther grunts
[03:55:58] Cold Vendetta > taking this isk will hurt the grunts
[03:56:07] Wicked Princess > seems like is the rest of their leadership doing that
[03:56:11] Cold Vendetta > if you drop all the sov
[03:56:14] Cold Vendetta > i will guarantee
[03:56:19] Cold Vendetta > you and your corps safty
[03:56:28] Cold Vendetta > to wherever you want to go
[03:56:43] Cold Vendetta > you dont need the isk or a titan
[03:56:46] Cold Vendetta > you and i both know
[03:56:50] Cold Vendetta > i wasnt going to agree to it
[03:56:52] Cold Vendetta > so how about
[03:56:55] Cold Vendetta > we cut the crap
[03:57:00] Cold Vendetta > and talk what really matters
[03:57:40] Cold Vendetta > in the end im offering you
[03:57:42] Cold Vendetta > safe haven
[03:57:44] Cold Vendetta > when the other side
[03:57:48] Cold Vendetta > will want your skin
[03:58:41] Cold Vendetta > /emote takes his hands away so no more wall of text flows
[03:59:00] Wicked Princess > lol
[03:59:15] lord 2evil > i tell you what il think alittle about it and get back to you ,i might just go to empire and become a paret
[03:59:29] Cold Vendetta > lol
[03:59:40] Cold Vendetta > your really going to just settle on just a titan or nothing?
[03:59:54] lord 2evil > talk to you later guys been a blast im sure we will read more about it in the morning
[04:00:03] Cold Vendetta > lolol can i ask one thing?
[04:00:22] lord 2evil > sure
[04:00:22] Cold Vendetta > when you cut them out of all of the isk
[04:00:27] Cold Vendetta > can you put in the reason
[04:00:30] Cold Vendetta > Sort says hi?
[04:00:36] Wicked Princess > rofl
[04:00:38] Cold Vendetta > just always wanted to be famous
[04:00:52] lord 2evil > lol ok guys laters
[04:00:54] lord 2evil > o/
[04:00:57] Cold Vendetta > o/
  • Lord2Evil doesn’t learn his lesson.
  • MH High Command is surprised by this totally unexpected betrayal by a known betrayer.
  • MH alliance finally strips Lord2Evil of his roles and retakes control of its stations, but the isk damage is done – no pvp reimbursements are likely to happen soon.
  • Mittens waxes sarcastic in the waning days of this sordid affair.
  • Update: L2E says sorry, promises to give back the isk if the :elitepvp: alliance he’s making doesn’t pan out, honest.
  • Mittens makes his sarcastic responses more specific.
There’s a possibility that L2E is just the fall guy for this abortive attempt at betrayal, but I think that gives MH High Command too much credit.

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