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How To Do Good BLOPS: An Illustrated Guide

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Courtesy of /r/eve


Goonswarm Black Ops guide

Found a great Black ops guide courtesy of the Goonswarm black ops group. It’s different to previous guides I have linked as it goes deeply into target selection and tactics.


A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 3 (via EVE Black Ops)

I’m not going to write a linear story of how to fly a Black Ops. Rather, I’m just going to point out some good tips to remember when using them.

A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 3.


A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 2 (via EVE Black Ops)

You’re going to see a bit of faction/deadspace stuff on these fits. Absolutely feel free to downgrade to T2 if you’re not comfortable dropping more isk than you already have. Just remember: You’ve spent a lot of isk on a ship that needs all the help it can get, I highly recommend you don’t skimp on fittings. They don’t need to be super pimped, and none of these fits really are, but a little extra spent will go a long way in the field.

A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 2.


A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops – Part 1 (via EVE Black Ops)

There really should be more of these kinds of guides. There are tons of guides for common ships, but the more expensive and specialised hulls really benefit from a primer, since they are usually arduous trains and expensive to replace.

A Guide to Flying Blacks Ops - Part 1 The guide is by no means completely definitive or final. I’ll make changes as I go; however, I’ve had a lot of people asking for more information. I will publish this in pieces, trying to go through it in the order in which you will. I’m going to answer as many questions as possible with this guide. Part 1: Getting There Black Ops are skill intensive. With a limited tactical role, there is no wonder why it’s one of the least used ship classes in … Read More

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