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Ridin’ Dirty

So a few of the corpies have decided to go on a road trip up North, because all the cool kids are doing it. Problem is, I’m running out of jump clones.

Never fear, I say to myself. I have that clone in Fade left over from the fall of Mostly Harmless that I can roll with. It has a couple of attribute implants so might as well see how far I get, in stead of just taking a pod express.

So, I jump clone in, say hi to the Fatal Ascension guys I chat with in local, and occasionally do market pvp against.

Problem #1: No ship

So, I buy a Stealth Bomber and all the modules I need. Even some torps, in case I see something that begs to be popped.

Problem #2: No access to fitting service.


Scratch that plan. Put everything on public contracts, search public contracts for pre-fit ships in station.

  1. Salvage Thrasher? Nope
  2. Rigged Harbinger with no prop mod? Nope
  3. Long point, honor tanked Hawk, a ship I have never flown?Yes please

So, I picked up the Hawk and strapped myself in. It doesn’t have a cloak, but at least it has a Micro-warp drive.

Problem #3: all the rest of my stuff

I had a bunch of gear that I have accumulated in Fade. I sold most of it off over the last few months; some for a decent profit, since I picked up a few bargains in fire sales. However, I still had hundreds of millions of isk worth of combat boosters that haven’t sold, indicating that perhaps FA wasn’t really cool with the whole drug scene. So, I deleted the sell orders and shoved them into the cargohold. At the very least, it would make for a comedy lossmail.

With nothing else remaining, I set course for thirty jumps through hostile nullsec (because what could possibly go wrong) and undocked.

Load grid. Thrasher waiting for me. Nonchalantly warp to the outgate before he could lock.

Next system, warp to the outgate because d-scan is for wimps. Thrasher follows me ten seconds behind. Jump on contact, expecting a gatecamp with bubble, because that’s where the MH guys used to bottle up hostiles trying to escape the I-UU pocket. Nope? Oh well, warp to zero, see the thrasher pilot enter local as I enter warp. The chase continues for the next dozen systems until he gives up.

Check out Cloud Ring from afar while touring through Pure Blind. It’s pretty, and reminds me of a green, uncooked donut. Fail to pop a shuttle that cross-jumps me, then realise that my launchers weren’t loaded /o\. Scare a Helios and Buzzard on a gate in Venal as they cloak up in a hurry, then arrive at my destination without fuss.

I put my tray table in the upright position and unbuckle my seatbelt. The familiar adrenaline-rush of nullsec ebbs away, but the warm glow remains.

It’s good to be home.