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Game Genres and Eve

I found a web site that categorises games by their characteristics in order to create a recommendation engine.

I think it’s fairly clear that Eve lies around the ‘X-Com’ area in the Cognitive Threshold graph:


but, I think the more interesting thing would be to discover what personality traits Eve players exhibit:

Games are often stereotyped as escapist fantasies—where people get to pretend to be something they’re not. But what the data shows is that gamers play games that align with their personalities. In the same way that people select the news and media that reinforce their worldviews, gamers select the games that reinforce their identities. […]

The games we play are a reflection, not an escape, from our own identities. In this sense, people play games not to pretend to be someone they’re not, but to become more of who they really are.

I’m not yet sold on some of their conclusions but I’m impressed that they’re tackling this kind of research.


I think we accidentally some sov

hold me, I’m scared


TIL Eve players are Gamers Mk1

The Lead Dev for Ultima Online and Creative Director for Star Wars: Galaxies talks about gaming demographics over the years. Interesting stuff.


The Roleplaying Business just got seriouser

A while back, Hilen Tukoss, the famous NPC Wormhole researcher, went missing and was found dead by some plucky Capsuleers, who refuse to hand over the body.

So far, cool, no problem.

Then it gets interesting. CONCORD Directive Enforcement Department puts a 40+ PLEX bounty on their heads and threatens to trash their standings with all highsec factions (including setting their sec status -10.0) if they don’t cough up the corpse.

I’m not au fait with the state of in-game roleplaying events in other MMOs but this seems pretty out there.


It’s that time of the year

PLEX for Good ends this weekend. If you can spare some internet spaceship money for a good cause, please do.


Crisistorical analysis

Brave Newbies founder Matias Otero traces the character history of Toasty Biggums, who was a leader of Brave’s coup and is now attempting to blackmail Pandemic Legion.

Welp, there goes the theory that the Brave coup was entirely due to personality defects in the leadership team.

Still, a bit more planning on the part of the instigators would not have gone astray.


Crisis over

Seems that BRAVE has resolved it’s leadership spill by initiating a counter spill to restore the old executor corporation.

I guess that’s evidence that an external alliance wasn’t responsible for the destabilisation, since you’d expect them to retain control and keep leeching members away.

Of course, there remains the possibility that there was someone pulling the strings, who decided to stop in order to keep BRAVE going rather than exsanguinate them (or was stopped by a rival spy ring), but that kind of thinking will just send you mad so let’s leave that alone.