Planetary Response Organisation disbanded

dat slope

Planetary Response Organisation, a Dust corporation with over 800 members is no more.

Wonder where they’ll turn up?

forum thread here


CBJ posted on reddit:

Hey folks! I just thought I would shed a little light upon what happened this weekend, for those interested.

The PROject I and many have been working on was a community project that started in Massive Action Game on the PS3. It was wildly successful and I had the intention of taking that community with me to Dust514. Unfortunately for all of us, our community structure, strained leadership, and series upon series of unspeakable yelling matches, proved to me once and for all, that the past community was incompatible and unmanageable with Dust514 culture/design.

In consulting with people over the past few days, and having carefully considered this move for months now, PXRX0 is officially disbanded. I am taking a break from leadership related activities and focusing my time on Factional Warfare within my Alliance, until at which time I am ready to begin my next major project. I will however, NOT be recruiting to any future project from an existing player base, but instead focus entirely upon the strength of new players.

At any rate, it was a lot of fun, including the headaches and hangovers. All good things must come to an end, and as such I have left tombstone corps up on the leader boards as a reminder of where many thousands of players started their first days in Dust514 / MAG.

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