Cue Foreboding Music

I logged in last night to discover that Cosa Nostra[dot] has declared war on my alliance. Perhaps they saw someone missioning in The Citadel and took offence. Oh well, we’ll all be low-sec for the next week so if they want a fight they know where to find us.

Speaking of low-sec, the area in which we operate is heating up. AAA has set up a forward base next door in Jan, and TEST seems to have deployed to Otsasai, one jump in the other direction. We also spied a Pandemic Legion Charon slow-boating in that system, escorted by what we assumed was a hot-drop Rokh.

In Nalvula itself, Ev0ke have set up a POS in system and have been cynoing in a bunch of suitcase carriers, so things are definitely in motion for an assault upon Tribute and surrounding null sec regions.

Watch this space…

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