Interesting Link #16: White Rose Eve-Central upload form

Eve-central aggregates market data from across every region in Eve. However, how do you ensure it’s up to date without manually checking the market yourself? Eve-central has an automatic suggestion form that will scan the market for what it wants updated, but that won’t help you much.

Solution: use the White Rose upload form in your in-game browser, select what groups you want to scan the market for, then let it get to work in the background. After that, your eve-central contribtastic program will automatically upload the data for you.

Helping other players just got a bit easier*



* don’t be alarmed at this sudden burst of altruism coming from an Eve player

2 Responses to “Interesting Link #16: White Rose Eve-Central upload form”

  1. January 11, 2012 at 12:23 am

    This post title made me cringe a little. “Know what’s really interesting about Eve, kids? a data entry form?”

    Now I love Eve Central and support the cause and all that but did you have to use the word “interesting” in the post title? It makes us Eve players look so nerdy.

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