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How I will likely be voting

So, the CSM8 Candidates are available. Quite frankly, I’m a bit disappointed in the turnout from non-bloc candidates, which TMDC commented on recently. However, without the low-sec representation of Marc Scaurus, it was going to show holes anyway.

So, let’s get the easy ones out of the way:

DaeHan Minhyok no bloc
Sala Cameron no bloc
mynnna no bloc
progodlegend no bloc
Kaleb Rysode no bloc
Greene Lee no bloc
Kesper North no bloc
Awol Aurix no bloc
Travis Musgrat no bloc
Artctura no bloc
Sort Dragon no bloc
Banlish no bloc

I’m not voting for a bloc candidate because they’ll get enough votes regardless; if not directly, then from preferences. There’s some bright people in there, like Banlish and Mynnna, which is nice to see, but my vote won’t make a difference there.

Other NO candidates are

Grand Admiral Simo-Hayha no highsec, possibly James315 alt
Fon Revedhort no neo-nazi
Sgurd Battersea no no effort put in
PsychoBitch no who?

which leaves me in the unenviable situation of voting for practically everyone else.

Ripard Teg yes good poster
Malcanis yes good poster
Steve Ronuken yes industry guy
Ali Aras yes token newbie
apricot baby yes ui guy
Mike Azariah yes casual guy
mangara solaris yes rvb guy
Roc Wieler yes roleplay guy
Trebor yes csm secretary guy
Nathan Jameson maybe wspace
Chitsa Jason maybe wspace
Cipreh maybe wspace
James Arget maybe wspace
Corebloodbrothers maybe
Ayeson maybe

That’s in rough order of how I would preference them. Only the top seven have a shot, but realistically only two non-bloc candidates will get over the line. The others just haven’t articulated their constituency very well, and will likely be lost in the noise.


Jester also running for CSM8

His announcement.

I’m running out of accounts to vote with….


Malcanis is running for CSM8

His campaign thread.

I have a lot of respect for Malcanis and I will definitely be throwing him a few votes next voting season.