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I was There

… bombing your drones.

Last night was a CTA for an AAA Citizens I-Hub and assorted bits and pieces. We turned up early and shot at an SBU for a while, then the call came to warp to the ihub and it was on like donkey kong. The reds had a decent Abaddon fleet and dozen or so supercarriers, which it turns out we couldn’t break the tank of, so we shot at fighters and fighter bombers until the rest of the red fleet warped in.

We danced, oh, how we danced! then embraced for a slow waltz of traversal vs tracking. Good fights were exchanged in local, and I called it a night, having run out of bombs to spitefully pop sentry drones, and snatched a few hostile kills, and quite a few friendly ones thanks to area effect damage.

Props go to our FC, who kept us mostly alive even after he disconnected and we ran out of logistics ships in the first 30 seconds, to the Maverick Navy and other AAA guys for putting up a fight, and to RA and Co for bringing a fight without resorting to Pandemic Legion.