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And you thought the Monocle was bad!

Same outrageous price; different game. So, why does this pass uncommented, but something similarly exclusive incites a riot? It’s an intriguing question and one I can’t provide a certain answer to, but these points come to mind:

  • Team Fortress players are resigned to the prospect of microtransactions; Eve players were already wary and suspicious, even before the Noble Exchange shop was released.
  • The Wedding Ring is framed as a gift (to a loved on, no less), whereas the monocle is framed as a ‘I am rich and you are poor and Irish‘.
  • Valve has been stockpiling goodwill; CCP’s reserves were running exceptionally low at that point

It would be interesting to read other people’s opinions.


Plex vs Hats

Plex for Japan has just ended, with Eve players donating a total of $44,607.50 USD for aid to Japan.

Compare this to the Team Fortress 2 donation drive, which garnered a different amount:


Two things to note:

  1. TF2 donors were bribed with hats, which no doubt contributed to the large total – they weren’t donating so much as receiving valuable fashion items. With the release of Incarna, that’s something that CCP would do well to bear in mind.
  2. I thought Eve was full of people who were incredibly spaceship-rich. I guess they’re also spaceship-miserly too. TF2 players have to pay real money; Eve players just have to play a game they already like for longer. Eve players donated an average of $0.13 per account; that’s only about 2 million ISK; for most players, that takes five minutes to make.