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Titan Down


Battle reports from the attackers’ side, and the defenders’. TMDC has a lengthy article about it.

Unconfirmed reports are that the ragnarok wreck salvaged into a thousand Rifters~


Low Tide

We’ve had some recent bouts of pvp with Mildly Intoxicated, who are apparently joining Nulli’s alliance and were using our pocket as a staging point and presumably a place to retreat to if things go south in the South.

A couple of the corps shed alliance and set up nearby, namely Bring the Noise and Low Tied. A charming bunch of larrikins they may be, but one does not simply set up inside someone else’s house, so we regretfully encouraged them to move on.

Best of luck guys, and next time please call us before you rock up on our doorstep.

ps: one hour of strontium doesn’t quite cut it, chaps.


Cleaning house

Well, Fatal Ascension has left Syndicate again.

Time to clean up after them.


Unwelcome visitors

I thought I was done with blob warfare. Turns out I was wrong.

I guess it’s afk-cloaky time…


Bar Fight in EF-F

A screenshot of the fight. True Story.

So, recently Alexander. and Altruism have been having a low-intensity war in Syndicate. We both share the same pocket, but don’t share peak timezones, so the opportunities to do lasting damage have been low. We’ve blown up a few towers around the place, they’ve blown up one or two, and occasionally called the batphone on us.

So, Alexander. had reffed two POCOs in EF-F and they were coming out at Saturday morning, 0300 Eve time, which suited both parties.

The fight started on the station ahead of the reinforcement timers expiring. We popped a few Harbingers, then Altruism undocked with carriers to rep, then it rapidly escalated from there. An AL3X Thanatos got bumped 50km off station, and other carriers went into triage to save it as it crawled back.

Suddenly Rote Kapelle dropped in a couple of dreads and carrier. They weren’t shooting Altruism, so we figured they were just getting in on an opportune carrier kill, and kept repping our carrier.

Next minute! A mixed Ninja Unicorn capital fleet hot dropped Rote, and started wailing away on them. A handful of hictors also bridged in. This is what we expected to have happen to us, so we stopped shooting the Rote capitals and started repping them up, since it was becoming clear that our carrier would make it back to station.

And then! Rote counter-dropped with a couple of supercaps and a bunch more dreads and carriers, and went to town on the Ninja capital fleet. Altruism warped off, so we concentrated reps on the Rote fleet. A Rote sub-cap fleet also bridged in with many bubbles.

Capitals exploded or self-destructed left and right, then Altruism warped back and shot everyone. I’m not sure why, but then Rote turned on us even though we were repping them, so we said “screw this” and disengaged.

(Some of the fight, frapsed by Rote)

Notable quotes:

  • “I’m getting reps, but I don’t know where from”. Yep. That was us. Ungrateful bastards.
  • “So who we shooting?”
    “just shoot Alex”


PS: We saved that carrier 🙂



My alliance, having slumbered in Low Sec for the last few months, has awakened and redeployed to Syndicate to battle-test the new members we have acquired over the holidays.

Last weekend we attacted the attention of some local alliances, usually by blowing up stuff belonging to them. We’ve made some friends who share our constellation but whose peak time zones don’t overlap with us. We have also picked up some enemies, which is fine, because it gives us something to do (kill them).

I wouldn’t say we’re winning the isk war (we are) but it’s a lot more interesting than low-sec, and speaking as someone who doesn’t have the standings or the patience to do level 5 missions, at least there’s decent rats to kill while waiting for a fleet to form up for a roam.

So far, so good.