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Mittens, and the hole he has dug for himself

So, The Mittani said something outrageous (at about the 1hr 2 m 55s mark – now censored but Liang’s got you covered) and the gaming media picked up the story and people are arguing about it.

A brief summary of events is that on the alliance panel, he was talking about a player who mailed goons something about being extremly depressed after he got ganked in the Ice interdiction. During the Q&A, he disclosed  the name of the player and said something like “grief him some more so he actually kills himself”

Bearing in mind that it’s a possibly bannable offense:


An immediate permanent ban of an account may result if a player:

* a. Organizes or participates in a corporation or group that is based on or advocates any anti-ethnic, anti-gay, anti-religious, racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophies.

Severe offences may result in an immediate ban without warning; however, warnings may be given for first time offenses, followed by account suspensions of varying degree and ultimately a permanent ban if a player:

* a. Is abusive, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, ethnically or racially offensive, or threatening to another player or an official EVE Online representative.

Soon enough, Mittens posted from his phone:

A comprehensive apology was posted on the forums.

I’m fairly certain that Mittens, being an ex-lawyer, knows how serious this can get. He didn’t just troll someone in a game; he incited others to commit cyber-bullying, in public, on the record, on broadcast media and at the request of CCP Games.

A case can be made about cyber-bullying under US laws because he mentioned wanting to get him to kill himself in real life. I don’t know the European laws but he might have something to answer for there as well. He was obviously(?) joking, but that’s the sort of talk that could get him, Alexander Gianturco the real-life person, disbarred and/or cause him real-life career and reputation damage, make it difficult to re-enter Iceland and generally cause him the same sort of grief he is willing to inflict on someone else.

Some people think he’s overreacting by resigning from the CSM chair – personally I think he needs to overreact as a means of damage control before it spirals out of control, for his own good, and to salvage the good working relationship he has with CCP developers.

Just don’t mistake it for remorse for the guy he abused.