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Live by the sword…

Die by the sword.

RIP in Peace, ANON.





It all started when Unkn0wn Killers attacked our Planet Fight Club district. As is allowed, we brought in troops from across the alliance to help out, because hey, fights.

Egypt Musk objected, saying that in-alliance ringers were forbidden (they weren’t, and still aren’t), and things escalated into a full-scale war.

Sadly, while we won approximately zero attacks, in no small part due to soul-crushing lag (getting <1 frame per second is not cool), we also held up quite well on defense, losing the occasional district due to having multiple reinforcement timers at the same time.

However, it couldn’t last; the guys were doing up to fifteen matches per day, and when match timers coincided with Eve Down Under, we basically just stopped turning up to fights.

Simultaneous to Eve Down Under, a corp CEO brokered a surrender ceasefire agreement, which has caused a certain amount of bad blood, both that it was disclosed publicly, and that it was even signed at all.

So, now we’ve nowhere to call home and must pack up our Madrugars and drive off to a new camping grounds for a while.

But, we’ll be back.


War Points

Half the time I can’t get over 1000…


The Tickle Monsters’ Last Stand

The Legion finishes a successful retaliation campaign against The Tickle Monsters. After complaints of TSOLE attacking them a ceasefire was agreed to. Less than two days later The Tickle Monsters broke the ceasefire and invaded TSOLE territory. After successfully defending their land, TSOLE soldiers launched attacks on the three districts owned by Tickle Monsters. This is the final district TSOLE needed to conquer to remove Tickle Monsters from Planetary Conquest.

Source: TSOLE blog.


Corp theft, Dust style

Cue the drama as my Dust corp is robbed of 200M isk and most of the corp kicked. Luckily one of the other directors logged in and kicked him and his alts.

The Southern Legion was formed as an amalgamation of three AU TZ Dust corps for the closed beta tournament. As part of the agreement, each CEO of the three corps became a director, otherwise he likely wouldn’t have been given that role considering his instability.

Oh well, no lasting harm done. The corp members are reapplying and the isk is being rebuilt. It’s cliched, but the corp will continue, stronger than ever.