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Booda Sends His Regards: banned from Reddit for vote-gaming

TMDC caught soliciting upvotes while hiding the source of the link traffic (click for full text)

Eve is Real, I guess.

from /r/eve


RubyPI, an EVE Online Planetary Interaction Tool

From Reddit:

I’m very proud to present you with the first beta release of RubyPI, a planetary interaction program like EFT or PyFA.

Awesome Features:

  • Create, edit, delete planets like some kind of demigod
  • Force planet laborers to create buildings and links for you
  • Spawn products inside buildings or expedited transfer them with fewer clicks than TQ
  • Set POCO tax rates and import/export products to launchpads with built-in tax calculations
  • See at a glance what each planet is producing
  • Share your PI configurations with your friends using the YAML import and export
  • Open source

How do I get it?

All the details are at the GitHub project page. Please report any bugs or feature requests there.

Dev Comments:

Let’s face it. Planetary Interaction is a good, steady moneymaker, but damn it’s painful to set up and maintain. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this problem and I finally decided that I could contribute best to the community (and work on my Ruby skills) by creating an out-of-game application for building and testing PI layouts.

This release, 0.1.0, is a beta; I’ve been testing it quietly with my corpmates for a few months. There’s a lot more features to come, but I think it’s ready for day to day use. While I can’t promise it won’t melt all your Rifters, I’m fairly confident it will work on whatever OS you prefer.

If anyone has the desire to do testing and bug reporting for OSX, that’s the one operating system I don’t have reliable access to.

Can I Throw You Some ISK?

ISK donations can be sent to “Biterno Sintaph”.

Very, very nice work.