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Cancers of EVE Online: Teleportation ~Marlona Sky

Marlona Sky, perennial progressive-poster and founder of Flight of a Thousand Rifters, has finally pulled the trigger and started a blog to store all his big-picture posts.

His first post has already been picked up by EN24 and ~spirited discussion~ is happening on Failheap.

Reversal of Fortune

Everyone wants to win. No one logs in wanting to get their teeth kicked in. Entering the game and being surrounded by bad guys on your front door is not appealing and neither is spending 99% of your time looking for someone to shoot. So players keep their enemy at arm’s length. No closer, no further. There is a certain amount of effort they are willing to spend to get to a fight. The effort is not measured in gates, jumps or bridges; it is measured in time. If players are willing to spend an hour or more to get to a fight and you factor in all the teleportation mechanics available, the arm becomes incredibly long. So much so that it crosses the map several times over during that hour. The jump sphere on the map not only is the places you can attack, but the places that can…

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