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The price of safety is… actually quite cheap

Running a starbase is an expensive hobby. Sure, you get the neat things that you attach to the tower (I like mobile labs, personally) but, like an American car, the fuel costs can be steep. What’s worse, unless you set up your tower in highsec, there’s the constant threat of some Germans blowing it up.

Heavy Fuel

A tower uses fuel blocks according to size, so with current prices of ~12000 isk per block, the weekly running cost of towers is:

  • Small: 20.16M isk per week
  • Medium: 40.32M per week
  • Large: 80.64M per week

Ticket to Bribe

How much would you pay for the security of high sec for your tower? Relatively safe from senseless ganks, 100% safe from sieged dreadnaughts, and if you do get a wardec, your entire alliance can jump clone to Empire for a holiday.

Turns out, the price is quite reasonable. Leaving aside the one-off standings requirements needed to place a tower in highsec, the ongoing costs of highsec towers is only a miniscule percentage higher than lowsec. A tower only requires a single starbase charter per hour to get permission to stay online in high sec.

Let’s run some numbers. The weekly cost of these charters, on a per-tower basis is:

  • Small: 252k isk per week
  • Medium: 252k isk per week
  • Large: 252k isk per week

Or putting it another way, the cost of doing your manufacturing business in highsec is between 1.25% and 0.32%, an absolute pittance.

Does that seem right to you?


POS Security settings

If the defenses tab on your POS settings do not look like this you are wrong.

From an alliance evemail:

pos settings screen

  • Use alliance standings: Checked
  • Attack if standing lower than: Checked [value: 0.1]
  • Attack if security status below: Unchecked
  • Attack if other security status is dropping: Unchecked
  • Attack if aggression: Unchecked
  • Attack if at war: Checked

Press “Apply”

Please note the “Attack If Aggression” Box is unchecked. If you want your POS to shoot friendly defenders then by all means go ahead and check it, otherwise please refrain from the retardation that is the “Attack If Aggression” box.