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Christmas Gifts

CCP has released its Christmas gift for 2011, and this time, it is allowing players to choose which gift to redeem.

Jester has an analysis of the estimated value of the various gift packs, saving me the trouble, however one gift stands out.

Neural Surgery

  • Attribute Remap

That’s a bold move, especially when you recall what happened last time the idea was floated. However, this is a bit different for one reason:

  1. It’s a gift

What I think will happen is that a large majority of players will select a neural remap, validating CCP’s hunch that, while players generally don’t like the concept of Pay-to-Win, they will happily accept Gifts of Win, and neural remaps are in high demand.

Then CCP will then use the code for the redemption-shop functionality to institute a Player Rewards system like RIFT and many other MMOs have. Same effect (pay CCP money, get delicious rewards) but without the distasteful connotations.


Plex vs Hats

Plex for Japan has just ended, with Eve players donating a total of $44,607.50 USD for aid to Japan.

Compare this to the Team Fortress 2 donation drive, which garnered a different amount:


Two things to note:

  1. TF2 donors were bribed with hats, which no doubt contributed to the large total – they weren’t donating so much as receiving valuable fashion items. With the release of Incarna, that’s something that CCP would do well to bear in mind.
  2. I thought Eve was full of people who were incredibly spaceship-rich. I guess they’re also spaceship-miserly too. TF2 players have to pay real money; Eve players just have to play a game they already like for longer. Eve players donated an average of $0.13 per account; that’s only about 2 million ISK; for most players, that takes five minutes to make.