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Jump Clone timer reduction skill is now a thing

Well done, CCP.


Odyssey Industry changes

CCP Fozzie has been hard at work, and has a few tidbits of changes coming down the pipe in Odyssey:

[Odyssey] Removal of moon mineral derived materials from T1 and Faction blueprints

Have another change for Odyssey to announce to you fine people in Science and Industry. When I was working on mapping out the usage of all the moon minerals for the T2 manufacturing rebalance, I took the chance to clean up the usage of T2 composites and construction components. There were a few T1 items that use them, as well as a number of faction items that had T2 build requirements by mistake (the original design for the navy faction modules was for them to have T1-style build requirements, but when creating many of them the original designers seem to have copied the T2 blueprints instead).

This affects many Faction Modules that have had the T2 materials and skills removed from the blueprint requirements.

This also affects the following T1 modules:

  • All T1 gang links
  • Command processors
  • Prototype cloaking devices
  • Warp disrupt probes

These T1 blueprints have had their composite requirements replaced mainly with planetary interaction products, and in the case of the Warp disrupt probes, more Stront.

The full requirements for all these blueprints can be found on SISI, so if you are in the business of building these items you will want to take a look there for the changes and prepare accordingly.


[Odyssey] Change to permissions for cancelling corporation jobs

Hey everyone. CCP Masterplan was able to get a change completed for Odyssey that should hopefully open up a lot of options for corporation manufacturing and research. It’s a change that we have received a lot of requests for in our Starbase Iterations blog comments thread.

After Odyssey, the only people who will be able to cancel a corporation job will be
a) the person who started the job
b) a corporation director

The rules for who can install jobs, view jobs and deliver jobs are unchanged. This does not affect personal jobs.
This affects all corporation manufacturing and research jobs.

Let us know what you think!


Fix for Factory Manager role?

CCP Masterplan is investigating the feasibility of fixing this long-standing issue:

For all you players asking about the roles for cancelling jobs (and this applies to regular station jobs also) I’m going to have a look and see if there is something we can do about it. Take this with a hefty slice of Expectation Management Pie, but one simple possibility I’m thinking of is restricting the ability to cancel corp jobs to director roles only. With just the Factory-Manager role, you’d still be able to cancel your own corp jobs, but not those corp jobs belonging to your corpmates.

What do you think about this idea? Be aware this is a very specific, focused fix to an problem that has come up a few times. Please don’t feature-creep on me, or there’s simply no scope for it happening!

Note that completing other people’s jobs would still be allowed.


Personal Hangars: called it

New dev blog confirms the rumour.


So, tracking enhancer nerf

Tracking enhancers are due to be smacked with the nerf bat in Odyssey.

I can’t say I’m surprised; Ytterbium mentioned a few months ago that the Machariel was rebalanced at the same time as tracking enhancers were buffed, making them too powerful, so I expected something to be tweaked.


Odyssey Rumors: Faction Battleships, Personal Hangar Bays

So, Odyssey has been announced as the 19th Eve expansion. Details are short on the ground, but Sarmatiko always has intel on what’s new on the Chaos build server: