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Exhumers in Kronos

Following from my mining barges post, I thought I’d put a few fits for the Tech 2 versions, and their stats. These fits aren’t the final word, so feel free to change them around (e.g.a small shield extender can be replaced by something more useful, like a survey scanner). However, they provide a good baseline to compare the various exhumers.


Best for: being very difficult to kill. Battleship-class hit points plus a very high top speed mean extreme survivability. 

Skiff with a damage control is ridiculously tough. This fit is solidly over tanked.
Even with three mining laser upgrades, there’s more than enough spare hit points to sneak in a survey scanner.


Again, quite over tanked.
A safe choice for ice harvesting, while still 22% faster than a Procurer.


Best for: solo AFK mining. Huge ore bay means you can mine in peace without trips back to the station every ten minutes. 

Pretty darn tough. This is a good afk fit.
Still tough, mines a bit faster (29 minutes for a full load). Swap the kinetic hardener for a scanner if you need to.
A lot less EHP, fills in 27 minutes instead. Useful for non-AFK mining.


Tough, 27.5 minutes full.
Decent EHP, 25 minutes.
Marginal EHP, 23 minutes.


Best for: fleet mining. Tiny ore bay but high yield necessitates hauler support, but is the fastest-earning ship if you have that support.

22k ehp, 26.31 yield.
15k ehp, 28.68 yield. Nice. Risky, but nice.


20.5k ehp but a sizeable 29.37 yield.
15k ehp again, but 32.4 yield, wow.

In conclusion, the exhumers are a fair bit better than the normal barges, but just bear in mind that if you don’t tank them, you’re risking almost 200M isk on a ship that could die to two Catalysts…


Mining Barges in Kronos

So, a while back I made some posts about mining barges. They’ve been tweaked a bit in Kronos so I thought I’d take a look at the fits and see how they now compare.


Still best for surviving ganks or going AFK without caring, but this time with more drones and speed and even less yield than before.

Max yield drops from 16.4 to 15.2 but is 15% tougher. Ore hold fills in 13.2 minutes.

Procurer fit for yield is still tough as a brick, but still 18 cubic metres yield, down from 19.2, but still tougher than in Odyssey even when fitting a survey scanner. Ore hold fills in 11.1 minutes.


For ice harvesting, the max tank Procurer is still stupidly tough, but IMO it’s definitely worth using the ice harvesting rig because you do have EHP to spare. (fills in 13.5 minutes)

The Procurer can easily sacrifice the suitcase and a rig slot for max yield, yet still be quite difficult to gank. (fills in 9.8 minutes)


The Retriever was too popular, so its yield has been nerfed to counteract its effortless AFK isk.

Retriever fit for max tank is the same yield as a Procurer. At least the transverse bulkheads are a massive improvement. 19k EHP is pretty decent against a solo ganker. Ore hold fills in 30.1 minutes.

The Retriever yield has had a haircut so it makes sense to tank it up a bit since you’re obviously not in it for the yield so much as the AFKness. Fills in 25.4 minutes.


The max tank Retriever aims to maximise survival against a single ganker while getting some sort of ice while AFK. Fills 26 blocks in 25.7 minutes.


The ice yield Retriever aims to not be uber-tanked, but just less desirable than the Retriever next to it. Fills 26 blocks in 21.2 minutes. (Feel free to swap the survey scanner with a small shield extender II or meta thermic shield resistance amplifier)


Now boosted for even more yield at the expense of everything else.

Covetor yield is now 22.35 even with a damage control (this is for solo usage). In a mining fleet situation, you won’t need the scanner, and you’re probably better off with shield rigs because you’re likely to be receiving shield gang link support. Ore hold fills in 5.2 minutes.

Max yield Coveter is 4 or 5% better than in Odyssey and hasn’t changed much. Note the shield fit, to take advantage of fleet bonuses. Ore hold fills in 4.8 minutes.


A minimally-tanked Covetor is still squishy. I don’t like it. Six blocks takes four minutes.

The max ice Covetor is short on CPU so a processor over-clocking rig may be needed. Six blocks takes 3.64 minutes.

So, there you have it. The transverse bulkheads are great for solo use, especially on the Retriever and Covetor,
but aren’t as good as shield rigs if you have fleet boosts. The Procurer is a lot tankier and useful in High sec,
the Retriever is slightly nerfed but still the king of afk for 30 minutes play, and the Covetor gets a slight yield buff
to make it even more attractive for alert miners who are after maximum yield.



Devpost Avalanche

CCP Fozzie has posted a spate of changes for the upcoming expansion:

Let’s take it from the top:

Nos Buff

Not much to say here. They’ll get better, and might be used more often than the edge case of ‘small ship tacking big target’. It is, however, an indirect buff to the Curse, Pilgrim and any rebalanced Blood Raider faction ships.

Drone Rebalance

There’s a lot of changes in this dev blog, so we’ll take it from the top.

The racial light/medium drone change is welcome, but I don’t think it will be sufficient to shift the PVP meta much. There will be an upswing for Caldari drones in PvE because the 8% drop in damage is counteracted by hitting Guristas kinetic resist hole. I don’t think the same could be said for Amarr drones in PvE, since the damage differential is considerably more stark and the resistance differential less stark. Amarr drones are more fragile as well. It’s good to see that Augmented drones will soon be the go-to PVE drones of choice; as good as tech 2, but faster and tougher.

Medium and heavy drones getting increased speed is a good thing, provided the weirdness about drones not being able to track targets due to overshooting doesn’t crop up more often.

The drone skill rebalance is fairly well done and welcome.

The sentry drone changes are a mixed bag. There’s an inherent 6.5% damage nerf for Tech 2 Sentries (tech 1 is about the same DPS as before) which didn’t get mentioned. The changes to the racial range/tracking are good, and follow the general engagement envelopes of their corresponding racial ships well. It does  make the contrast between light/medium/heavy drones  and sentries a bit jarring though.

Most of the changes to fighters and fighter-bombers is welcome, now that more drone skills affect their behaviour. The reduction in number of fighter-bombers is also going to reduce server load, but I’m not sure why super-carriers get +100% damage bonus to fighter-bombers: why not just bake that into the base stats of the fighter-bombers? unless more ships will be able to use fighter-bombers in future?

However, it’s important to note that, since drone damage amplifiers will now affect fighter-bombers, the Nyx’s +5%/level bonus to FB damage is outclassed by the Aeon, since the Aeon has an extra low slot to put a DDA in while retaining a greater armour tank. It even has the energy transfer range that the Nyx doesn’t. So yeah, at the moment, there’s no reason to fly a Nyx unless it’s some sort of shield-tanked gank fit.

Also, to whoever is thinking of building fighter-bombers before the material requirements increase: remember that super carriers will only need half as many as they do now, so the market for them will likely be flooded for a long, long time to come.

Mining Barge Rebalance

A series of tweaks to mining barges that overall look quite okay.

  • Ore yield in general is getting a slight haircut: (see chart for ‘effective strip miner’ equivalents)
  • All types of barge gain an additional low slot, which will put more pressure on fits if a mining upgrade is fit, so consider a damage control instead.
  • Procurer line will gain more drone damage, although the Procurer itself is losing a mid slot (which is okay, since its tank was more than enough before)
  • Retriever line loses a bit of yield (now same as the Procurer), because the ore cargo hold size appears to be just way too popular
  • Covetor line gains more agility and range but higher signature radius, making it an ‘at-keyboard player only’ type ship. I still think the yield bonus isn’t good enough for the risk, considering the ease of finding mining sites with interceptors, but perhaps that’s #justanullsecthing.

In regards to the mining barge changes, I’ll put up some suggested fits when EFT gets updated, just like last time.

Update from Fozzie clarifies some things. Still want an explanation of T2 drones though. Is my math wrong?


new mining barges: ice harvesting

(see part 1)

Edit: New Kronos-era fits are available here.

The new medium ice harvester accelerator rig extends some of the Mackinaw’s old ice bonus to all barges, which is a big deal for new or thrifty players who want to mine ice in a tech 1 mining barge.

Note: Pre-Odyssey stats

These fits were calculated pre-Odyssey, so if you fly these in more modern times, you’ll get twice the ice yield as described here. The relative yields between each fit haven’t changed though.


Mining ice safely is the kind of thing that the Procurer excels at. Its ore hold can store twelve blocks of ice, which is less of a problem when mining ice because the yield is much lower.

Tanky (28.8 blocks/hour)

The tanky fit is as tough as a cheap battleship, and still mines a respectable 1 block every 125 seconds (filling the cargohold in 25 minutes)

Yield (39.5 blocks/hour)

Fit for Ice yield, the Procurer can pull down a block of ice in 91.1 seconds (18min 13 seconds for full cargo) while still being as tough as a battlecruiser. If you want a tank somewhere between tanky and full yield, a Damage Control II will add about +16k effective hp.


The Retriever is the ultimate afk ice mining boat, with a 27.5k ore bay (of which, realistically, only 26k is available when mining ice optimally)

Tanky (39.5 blocks/hour)

The Reriever will never have a decent tank, but sometimes you don’t need an awesome tank; just a better tank then the guy floating next to you. Yield is 2 blocks every 182 seconds, or a full cargohold in just under 40 minutes.

Yield (43.3 blocks/hour)

Fit for yield, the dual Ice Harvesters have a 166s cycle time, pulling down 26 blocks in just under 36 minutes. The tank is necessarily lacking, due to the processor overclocking rig. The lone mid slot is also constrained by the low CPU –  an Electronics EE-603 implant still isn’t enough to fit an invulnerability field, which again doesn’t improve the tank beyond about 10.9k EHP.


If you’re mining ice in a Covetor without Orca support, you’re doing it wrong. The ore bay can only hold three cycles, so any gain in yield is more han offset by the hassle of offloading the ice once it’s harvested.

Tanky (42.3 blocks/hour)

Three 255-second harvesters will fill the ore bay in 8.5 minutes – about the same rate as a Retriever fit for yield, but more fiddly.

Yield (46.5 blocks/hour)

Fit for yield, the Covetor is a much different beast. A trio of 232-second harvesters will fill the cargohold in seven and a half minutes. The tank is woeful, but, then again, you don’t even bring out the Covetor if you’re worried about tanking.


New Mining Barges: an indepth look

edit: see updated Kronos-era fits here.

So, the new mining barges went live, and I’ve had a few couple of days to play around with them.

My initial thoughts were:

  • All the barges are tough enough to survive long enough for your drones to kill the rats anywhere in highsec, although I would hesitate to bring a Covetor into low-sec without help.
  • The wide disparity of yield is gone, which is welcome.
  • The CPU issues plagueing t1 mining barges are largely alleviated, to the point where processor overclocking rigs aren’t necessary.
  • The specialised roles (tank, capacity and yield) are working quite well as differentiators.

I even put together a few fits to show the relative strengths and weaknesses of the hulls.


Best for: surviving ganks


The Procurer can fit a truly epic tank, and will definitely be the go-to ship during hulkageddon. Its ore bay of 12000m3 will be filled in 12 minutes in a tank fit, which is still a respectable 16.4m3 per second.


A full yield Procurer sacrifices a third of its tank for a 19.5m3 yield, which will fill the ore bay in 10min 15s. This is actually pretty decent. The EM hardener can be replaced by a survey scanner while still keeping 50k+ effective hp.


Best for: going afk

As can be seen, the Retriever can’t fit anywhere the same tank as the Procurer, and frankly, it’s pointless to even try. You can eke out an 18k tank by taking off the mining laser upgrades for a damage control and reinforced bulkheads, and using an invulnerability field, but then you have the same yield as a tanky Procurer, except still with a terrible tank.

The ore hold of 27.5k m3 will be filled in 21 mins 35s with max yield, or 28 minutes when tanked.


Best for: mining as quickly as possible before you get blown up

So, the Covetor has a woeful tank, but doesn’t have the power grid or slots to do anything about it. Do not attempt to tank this ship.

Having said that, the yield of 23.4 is 10% better than a Retriever, and since you have a terrible tank and tiny cargohold, you might as well use mining drones and go completely nuts with drone rigs.

The 7000m ore bay fills in 5 minutes, so if you’re not jetcan mining, your yield advantage over the other barges will evaporate when you warp back to drop off your ore.


These changes are pretty good. They allow the miner to exert some control over how they interact with gankers (and asteroids I guess) by choosing the right hull for different occasions.

Conversely, they’re still not unkillable by a handful of Catalysts in 0.5 sec space so ganking is still a valid tactic. If you want to use cheap Catalysts, you will need friends, or you can ship up if you have fewer people. All things considered, this is a solid balance change.

(See part 2: Ice harvesting fits)


New Mining Barges: first thoughts

Took a Retriever out for a spin.

You know how they say that Retrievers are too paper thin to tank rats below 0.7 space? Not any more.

Looks like they’ll have to rewrite the book.


More Mining Barge tweaks

Another day, another sisi build with tweaks from the last one.


  • tech 1 barges now only require Astrogeology III and Mining Barge I
  • Covetor and Hulk lose -500hp from shield, armour and structure (about 20% less effective HP than last build)
  • Hulk gets increased yield; one of the +3% bonuses gets buffed to +5%/level
  • Procurer gets a massive 4 mid slots (+3 from last build) making it quite tough
  • Retriever ore hold goes from 30k to 28k, but more forgiving of those with low barge piloting skills
  • Exhumer shields reset to t1 resists + 5% per level (I think – hard to read diffs sometimes)
  • Mining crystals reduced to half the volume (inb4 mineral compression….)

New Mining Barge and Exhumer stats

As I posted to Reddit, the stats for the new mining barges and exhumers are on Singularity.

They’re everything I’d hoped for 🙂