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Highsec Ore Compression Calculator

Ever thought “I need a lot of minerals moved. I wonder what quantities of (compressed) ore I need to supply that?”

Turns out there’s a neat compression calculator for that. It only cares about low- and mid-end minerals, which is fair enough.

Fuzzworks also has one that allows you to enter your skills should you not have perfect refining, but is less informative about the results it gives.


Mineral Compression Bandwagon

It seems everyone is talking about mineral compression lately, which piqued my interest, since the corp has a semi-researched BPO that I can use.

The TARDIS of minerals

According to my research skills, I can fit the minerals required for a carrier into a two-thirds-full Iteron V, wasting only 8.6M isk of minerals due to manufacturing waste. I can get that down a bit with more research (Target ME309), as long as I have the research slots free (I don’t). It also leaves me with a bit of pyerite and assorted minerals left over as I’m a bit short of Tritanium, but I can shore that up by judicious use of Rift citadel torp compression, which supplements some of the missing trace minerals, and adds a bunch of trit without the corresponding amount of Pyerite.

300% Tritanium

Sadly, I don’t have the BPO, so if I want to use this at a reasonable ME375, I’m looking at almost a month of research. At this rate, I’ll have to make another research alt just for the slots.