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My blog’s annual report came out, verifying my suspicion that people are really keen to find a non-terrible Tengu fit. I made almost 100 posts in 2011, which surprised me.

In Eve, I broke 30 million skill points on my main, got kicked out of null sec twice, saw my corp turn into a low sec alliance, and am increasingly finding that my ‘login, set jobs, trade, logout’ industrial character is a better fit with my free time constraints (i.e. two children under 3 years of age) than my pvp character. Sometimes, I undock and kill a cyno ship just to be on the killboard.

You know you’re time-poor when you have to bail out half-way into the first Incursion site you did that night…

On the plus side, I get to train long skills to V on my main without obsessing over the time it takes before the next ‘ding’. At this rate, by the end of the year, I’ll probably be capital-ship enabled.

Here’s to 2012 o/


Springtime for Hilmar

The last ten days have been a flurry of dev blogs, with the recent ones featuring an apology and a promise that many of us have heard before.

Eve is out of reinforcement. It’s time to repair her.


It’s not stealing if you call it research

Ripard Teg has a great analysis of Perpetuum’s new sovereignty system. CCP take note!

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Skill Training Complete – Oh Noes!

*sigh* my computer dieded while my skill queue only had 25 hours in it, and now I have to scramble to replace it

For the first time, that ‘skill training complete’ notification on my phone won’t be a happy thing.