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Kaimeras Objective Week 1 Complete

35 wins from the first 50 games. I missed a day so I had to make up the games by sneaking into ambushes, getting 100 war points then leaving the battle and joining a domination, and vice versa. Oh wells. Onto week 2!


Kaimeras Objective Progress

25 wins, 7 losses. Turns out if you squad up with your mates, you don’t have to rely on the vagaries of Dust matchmaking, since you’re guaranteed to have at least five other non-terrible players on your team (this is by no means a sure thing if you join pub matches).

The hard bit will be grinding through the next twenty matches.


The Kaimeras Objective

An elite type of foot soldier, originally bred from Minmatar slaves by the Amarr Empire. Raised from birth to become soldiers, they serve the Empire, Khanid Kingdom and Ammatar well, although always kept on a tight leash.

CCP has a new Dust event. So far it’s working out well to promote fighting hard for wins, since a match only counts if

  1. You win
  2. You get at least 100 war points

so matches where you lose, or matches where you failed to achieve anything don’t get you closer to the objectives, but, importantly, are still one of the first fifty matches that count.

It’s quite possible to lose this event through lack of skill.

I’m doing pretty well so far due to a great squad last night (and some truly stellar games), so it’s quite unlikely that I’ll miss out on any of the objectives, but I can certainly understand the frustration if you’ve gone zero from ten matches and are under a lot of pressure to increase your ratio.