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T3 invention calculators

So, there are many sites that help you do the sums for T2 invention – what your expected cost would be with various skill levels, what the impact on cost-per-unit and ism-per-hour is with decryptors etc.

And yet, I haven’t found anything equivalent for T3 cruisers/subsystems or destroyers.

Did I overlook something, or do they not exist?


First Invention Run

Finally got level IV skills in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Physics, so I tried my hand at making 1400mm artillery (I had the BPCs handy).

So far, I’m four from ten attempts, which is in line with expectations. I can’t go full steam ahead for a number of weeks due to having long-running copy jobs in the queue (who knew cyno BPCs would take so long?) so it might take me a while to reach my target of 1000 invention jobs 🙂