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Gunnery Implants

Following on from the freighter pilot implants post, I thought I’d write a short guide to what’s available for pure gunnery DPS for turret users.

Generally, dealing more damage is more important for PvE than tanking ability, so these implants are ideal for mixed usage clones.

I think the sweet spot for pvp clones are the 3% implants (with a few notable exceptions), which I have linked below. Note that, often, you’ll have to choose between different bonuses for the same slot with no clear best option – it’s a more difficult choice than missile implants.

Slot 6

Slot 7

Slot 8

Slot 9

  • Lancer G1-Delta  (3% turret RoF)
  • Gunslinger CX-1  (3% turret damage)
  • ZGA1000  (5% turret optimal)

Slot 10

  • LX-1  (3% large projectile damage)
  • G1-Epsilon  (3% large energy damage
  • ZGL100  (3% large hybrid damage)
  • KZA100  (turret cpu need if you’re really hard up or used up slot 6 already)