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Now following: Mary Titor

You may have heard about the player who calls themselves Mary Titor, who wrote an analysis on how to game the Faction Warfare system before it became widespread.

Mary now has a blog:

I’m a sociologist, or at least my diploma says so. I’m not affiliated with any significant group in Eve, national or otherwise, or at least I don’t feel about the affiliations I do have strongly enough to compromise my scientific integrity. So in that sense I’m just about as neutral as they get. There’s a certain chance you might have heard about me elsewhere, though, which is one of the reasons I prefer to stay anonymous — or pseudonymous, to be more precise. I got my PhD (or rather, the roughly equivalent Russian title) in studying online gaming communities in 2004. I have been playing Eve on and off since late 2006. (Everything I do for fun eventually turns out to have been science all along, this is incredibly annoying.)

What I do most in Eve is not playing as such, but listening to the clash of ideologies, interests, and watching Eve develop over the years.

And here, I’m going analyse all that to bits. For Science.

I have read all the posts so far, and I have to say I’m impressed at the insight displayed so far about such topics as risk vs reward, mistrust in Eve, customer retention and what is the endgame.

I cannot recommend this blog enough.