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Interesting Link #16: White Rose Eve-Central upload form

Eve-central aggregates market data from across every region in Eve. However, how do you ensure it’s up to date without manually checking the market yourself? Eve-central has an automatic suggestion form that will scan the market for what it wants updated, but that won’t help you much.

Solution: use the White Rose upload form in your in-game browser, select what groups you want to scan the market for, then let it get to work in the background. After that, your eve-central contribtastic program will automatically upload the data for you.

Helping other players just got a bit easier*



* don’t be alarmed at this sudden burst of altruism coming from an Eve player


Eve-Central Resurrected

After months (years?) of being in hibernation, Eve-central is being developed again. The first update is the latest version of contribtastic – the eve-central uploader.

Let’s hope it’s the first of many to come.