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Scan ship/cargo/belt, paste into here, get total price

Reposted from reddit:

Raath delivers.

From his blog:

As it turns out nearly everything in eve online can be Ctrl+A Ctrl+C ed. Directional scans, mineral scan results even inventory can be copied to clipboard. So I had to take advantage of this feature and hopefully make a few lives easier.

[R]ecently someone asked me if they could copy the contents of the mineral scanner somehow. The logic was that if they warped an orca right into belt, do a scan then copy paste the results into some widget and get an overall value of the belt.

[…] I’ve added the feature to the public end as well so people not registered can use the [2] Price check feature by checking the “show refined worth” checkbox.

So now everyone has an easy to use lookup widget to get the current refined value of their current stock or that gravi belt they just discovered without all the hassle of having to enter values in one at a time. I bet even Chribba would find this feature handy for his veld fleet 😉

I checked it out last night: turns out belts in high sec are worth roughly 80M isk, unless they’ve been left fallow for a few days.


DRK Industry Tracker. It tracks Industry.

or, how envious I am about Aideron Robotics

So, I read Seismic Stan’s account of his time in Aideron Robotics, whereupon I became insanely envious of its internal industry app, having already been envious of Blake’s version.

I know some industrialists like spreadsheets, but I prefer something a bit more automated. Heck, some people don’t like the fact that manufacturing and research are largely hands-off activities, but frankly I don’t have the time to babysit reaction chains and other time-consuming tasks.

However, I have recently encountered a web site that does pretty-much everything I want from an industrial planning perspective. It’s called DRK Industry Tracker and it’s exceptionally cool.

Some cool features are:

  • Turning loot logs of a mining operation into mineral reports
  • Making quotes or projects spanning multiple blueprints and runs, and linking them to specific buy orders you’ve made so it knows the exact cost price and resource availability for your job
  • Being able to assign jobs to other people
  • Much more

The site is run by Raath Nambode, who I talked to about the site.

DRK the corporation did implode but the domain and website are safe for a long time to come.  I have had thoughts about rebranding it but tbh the domain is paid for and I run it as s free service so am letting it just sit where it is.

I always have done, still do and will continue for years to come  maintain the site personally.  While I was sad to see my old corp go, I’d put too much work and love into the site to just let it sit there doing nothing.  I’m working on a bunch of features atm which I’ll be adding on over the next few weeks and one of my fav things in the world is honest feedback on features and bug reports.

So if you see things that you think could be done better or bugs that get on your nerves, let me know through [evemail].

This is a really good tool for budding industrialists and established corporations alike. Check it out.