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Customs Office changes on the horizon

CCP Omen asked for feedback on the player-owned customs offices introduced in Crucible.

After a few weeks to let the responses flow, he responded with this information:

I just wanted to post an update on what we are doing with your feedback.

DONE – Waiting for deployment (probably in January)

  • Boost storage capacity of the “storage pin” to 12000 m3 from 5000 m3
  • Increased the granularity of the standing check so that the standing of the user is checked on an individual and alliance level as well. The personal standing towards the owner corp takes precedence over the corp that in its turn takes precedence over alliance standing. Please keep in mind that it is still the owner corporation’s standing that it is checked towards.

ON BACKLOG – things that we are planning to do that will be released in point releases

  • Allow owner of Customs Office to set standing check on behalf of own Alliance
  • Allow owner of Customs Office to choose which wallet taxes are paid to

IN INVESTIGATION – Things we aren’t sure about but are considering for the future

  • Remove the alliance only restriction on placing command centers in sov space
  • Changes to the Jet Can
  • Changes to the InterBus CO hp

Thank you for your feedback!

The storage pin (aka the silo) has need changes since its inception, with its present capacity of 5000 m3 being pitiful in comparison to the 10k of a spaceport, complete with launch capability. Perhaps now it will see more use.


Open For Business

After the recent bout of unpleasantness, AL3XAND3R is pleased to announce that the Customs Offices in Nalvula (0.4)  are open for business.

It’s a prime location for planetary manufacturing:

  • one jump away from highsec
  • eight jumps from Jita
  • many barren and temperate planets for manufacturing
  • a wide mix of planet types to extract from
  • Stations with refinery and manufacture slots

and our customs rates are quite reasonable:

We’re even recruiting, if you want to join in the fun.

All this could be yours

PS: we promise not to shoot neutrals at customs offices, in case you were wondering, but only blues get to call for assistance…


… a shame if it got destroyed

Proof that there’s always a bigger fish:

Report: Customs Office at planet _______ XII has entered reinforced mode
Sent: 2011.12.13 20:57

Customs Office at planet _______ XII has recently entered reinforced mode.

Reinforced mode will end, and the Customs Office will become vulnerable, at 2011.12.15 __:__.

Aggressor: Justin Barta
Aggressor’s Corporation: Spricer
Aggressor’s Alliance: Raiden.


Updates to Crucible Tech II Modules

CCP Ytterbium posted an update on the tech 2 modules released in Crucible:

Here are the iteration changes planned for tech2 mods:

  • Triage module II: now provides a 20% capacitor reduction to remote capital armor repairers, remote capital hull repairers, capital shield transfers and capital energy transfers while in triage mode. Doesn’t provide any bonus to local repairer/boosters however. Previously the module had little interest to train for, should now be worth the time.
  • Sister core probe launcher and expanded probe launcher: now provide a 10% boost to scan probe strength instead of 5%. That’s to keep an appeal for the faction mods despite the arrival of a tech2 version.
  • Skirmish Warfare Link – Interdiction Maneuvers II and Skirmish Warfare Link – Sensor Integrity II: boost increased from 3.5 to 3.75% to keep the tech2 boost consistent among all warfare modules.
  • Information Warfare Link – Electronic Superiority II: boost for Remote Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors increased from 1.25 to 1.5%. Previous numbers were erroneous.
  • Mining Foreman Link – Mining Laser Field Enhancement II: boost increased from 5 to 5.625%: same reason as above, to keep tech2 boost consistent among all gang links.
  • Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link: tracking and speed multipliers for drones increased from 1.25x to 1.3x, again to keep an interest on the faction variant next to the new tech2 module.
  • Bomb Launcher II: capacity increased from 150 to 225m3, allows it to carry 3 bombs instead of 2.

Post-Crucible Planetary Interaction

Since the release of Crucible, the changes to planetary interaction prices have been profound, especially for high-sec manufacturing. In short, they’re rising about 12%, but more detailed analysis is available here:

The official CCP response is:
I come bearing news about tax rates from CCP Omen and Team Pi:—

The higher PI taxes are deliberate.

We have gotten a fair amount of petitions regarding high taxes for PI goods. We want to take a moment and assure you that it is deliberate and explain why.

The taxes that were introduced with the PI feature in Tyrannis did not change as the market value for PI goods went up significantly. This meant that until recently, PI industrialists have enjoyed profit margins of up about 99% without much risk.

With the Player Owned Customs Office feature we are changing how PI products come to the market and we are encouraging players to own and operate these offices. With the old tax levels it would be nearly unfeasible to operate a Customs Office and most of our goals with the feature were at risk of being missed.

By repairing the taxes to be… a) Based on market value and b) Player set, we now have a foundation for a much more interesting feature that we believe will create many opportunities in New Eden.

For more information please see the EVElopedia article for the Player Owned Customs Office:

CCP Omen on behalf of team Pi


Crucible: Item Spoiler

TGL3 has a list of the features that CCP has implemented for Crucible, but is light on the specifics of the new modules that will arrive on the 29th. That’s where I come in.

Chruker has an awesome site which has a linkable Eve database. What’s better is that he also imports the Singularity test server builds from time to time, and shows the changes between the two. This can sometimes be a lot of changes, but I have distilled the important changes for the Crucible release.

Definitely in Crucible

(Note: if links don’t work, put


at the end and refresh)




Drone Upgrades


Gang Links


Hull Repairers

Siege Modules


Tractor Beams

Electronic Warfare

Skills and Implants

Not Available in Crucible but Still Interesting

Dust 514-related