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Over the Great Wall

Over on Failheap, a few players have decided to do some internet spaceship tourism and head over to Serenity, the Chinese Eve server. While there’s a slight undercurrent of ‘beat up the natives with their primitive fittings and obsolete RRBS fleet techniques’, there’s also a joyous spirit of adventure and shared friendship. Also, free stuff.

[17:08:19] 艾莲凤梨马奎拉 > orange MKII is a gay
[17:08:36] 橘子mkII > gay ur sister
[17:08:53] moenocc > sis your sis
Oh well, turns out Chinese Eve players aren’t so different after all.
The turnout has been so unexpected that a new sub-forum has been created to deal with the volume of threads, and to accommodate the cross-cultural exchanges as players from both servers talk smack at each other, make wild claims about life in their respective countries, and complain about how terrible Gallente ships are.
As a poster wrote:
Failheap you never cease to amaze me. We go forth with the intention of trolling and mayhem and somehow end up with the beginnings of a wholesome cultural exchange.
Update: Virt has more details in his typically lyrical style.