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Building Capital Ships Like a Boss

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There is a nontrivial amount of money to be made building capital ships. Also, once you get it up and running, it requires very little time investment to keep going. As a highly profitable, low effort, non-grind-type profession which also doesn’t require you to adjust market orders by 0.01 isk, it is literally the best thing in eve.

This guide […] will cover exclusively the building of jump-capable tech 1 capital ships (carriers, dreadnaughts, and rorquals), from original blueprints, in lowsec, for profit. Many of the tools it provides could be useful for building from copies, for building freighters and orcas, or for building in wormholes or nullsec, but these things will not be covered.

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This mammoth ten-part guide is well worth reading if you’re interested in how capital ships are built.