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(Market) Stocking Stuffer

I have been toying with being actually useful to my alliance by stocking the local station with stuff. So far I have about 50 items up there, with a view towards boosting that considerably over the coming weeks. I’m not alone in thinking this, so perhaps we can split the effort required.

In other news, the Proteus release is due in mid-January, so I guess it’s time to work out which of the rebalanced recon ships will actually be useful now.


turn about is fair play

So, we got wardecced a couple days ago. Presumably someone heard about our recent ‘mistakes were made‘ episode and thought they’d get in on the action. So, we sent the three players who actually fly in highsec over to their stomping grounds to see what up wit dat.

wardec summary showing 100% attacker losses

hilarious results

So far we’re running at 100% efficiency and several pages of amusing chat logs, which I won’t share because it would be condescending to reveal them.

I will give the attackers points for undocking and having a go, though.


Titan Down


Battle reports from the attackers’ side, and the defenders’. TMDC has a lengthy article about it.

Unconfirmed reports are that the ragnarok wreck salvaged into a thousand Rifters~