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Dust 514 auto-aim examples

The Dust 514 Uprising 1.4 patch was released last week, and the most contentious part of it has been the reintroduction of aim assist. Since I’m a mouse+Keyboard (MKB) user, I didn’t know what the changes were, except that I was dying approximately three times as frequently and being killed at previously-unheard of ranges.

Helpfully, some forum-goers have compiled a video of what aim assist does for a player with a controller.

  • All suits track and are tracked equally well.
  • Assault Rifle tracks to 60m
  • Scambler Rifle tracks to 60m
  • HMG tracks to 50m
  • SMG tracks to 30m
  • Shotgun tracks to 16m
  • Scrambler Pistol tracks to 55m!
  • Mass drivers, forge guns, flaylocks and plasma cannons do not track.

forum thread

From what I gather, the aim assist works all the way to a weapon’s effective range (think optimal + falloff in Eve) which, looking at the numbers, is a very long distance. In addition, since you have lower transversal at longer ranges, the aim assist makes you more accurate at long ranges compared to short ranges, which is counter-intuitive and adds to the ‘cone of death’ effect.

I hope CCP tweaks the aim assist downwards in the next patch, because losing ranged shootouts against militia assault rifles is getting a bit old.