zkillboard adds automatic corp/alliance subdomains

Squizz writes:

I’ve been up all night coding in subdomains for you folks for zkillboard. I’ve gone with the route that alliance and corp subdomains are automatic based on the ticker. So if you’re in a corp or alliance that has had a kill in the last 6 months, viola, you have a subdomain on zkillboard!

Some example:

Just for reference, ticker preference is faction > alliance > corporation

If you want to add a banner to a subdomain, be the Corp CEO or the Alliance’s Executor, have that API tied to your account, and visit https://zkillboard.com/account/domains/ where you can update the banner.

Now, this is pretty much beta code for a beta killboard, so please feel free to yell at me if I missed something or did something horribly wrong. No, the pages aren’t https because I’m lazy.

Oh, and custom and coalition boards will be next. Then after that I’m going to fix up the horrific related kills page.

And this addendum:

Does your ticker start or end with a period, err, I mean DOT? You can now access your subdomain on zkb:



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