Nice work by Castor Crave and Chribba. Looks like this is a serious problem for the Dust economy.

Way of the Mercenary

Castor Crave Since CCP is fixing the district locking I’ve talked about in the last two posts, lets turn our attention to something else. Oh well, there is plenty to choose from. Like, did you ever notice that a ton of characters are being created in DUST 514? It’s mind blowing! Check out this snapshot:


Notice how DUST 514 has less than ten times the players online EVE has, but its character creation rate is through the roof? Now that’s what you call inverse proportional! Free 2 Play or not, it is very impressive when your game manages to gain 1/5 of its online users every hour, every day. And that for an extended period of time as the following picture shows:


Suspect_3But as we all know, DUST is not the most successful F2P game there is (yet). With more than 5.5 Million created characters the PCU on Sundays sits currently at…

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